Friday, March 31, 2023

Gershkovich for Assange

"EU Discuss "Peacekeeping" Forces. Lukashenko Calls For Truce. UN Accuses Kiev Of 'Disappearances'" (iEarlGrey).  Swap Gershkovich for Assange?!  Do it!  What a multipolar power move!

"Demystifying the Israeli Attacks on Syria: Understanding the Conflict and Its Implications" (Syriana Analysis).

"WAGNER CONQUERS SOUTH BAKHMUT - Challenger Tanks @ Zhytomyr [ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 398-400 (28-30/3)" (DPA War).

"Inside a Russian youth camp condemned by the ICC" (Lofredo on The Grayzone).

"US Experts Grapple with Ukraine End Game: Admit War of Attrition is Unwinnable" (The New Atlas).

To the last Russian

"Peacekeepers in Ukraine. The new Foreign Policy of Russia. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.31" (Military Summary).

"BREAKING NEWS | Wagner Launches Surprise Attack in Bakhmut 31/03/23" (Weeb Union).

"Trump, no reverse gear. Ursula, de-risking China. Free Assange. Austria, walking out on Elensky. U/1" (Christoforou).

"EU peacekeepers in Ukraine. Spy games. Lukashenko, Belarus invasion being prepared" (The Duran).

"Ukraine Admits Russia Bakhmut Gains, China Rejects EU Pressure; Indictment Strengthens Trump" (Mercouris).

"Russia Calls for Probe Into Bucha Events, Asks UN for List of Victims".

"Ukraine War Day #401: The MiGs will get to Ukraine, even if they have to walk there!" (yalensis).

"Alexander Lukashenko’s call today for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and opening of peace talks without preconditions" (Doctorow).

"Lukashenko Teases Belarus Hosting Russian Strategic Nukes While Urging 'Truce'" (Durden).  I have to assume Lukashenko gave the Russians a courtesy look at his big statement speech before he gave it, and they had no objections.


"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 401". 

"Evan Gershkovich, Meet Mr. Julian Assange" (Johnson).  Unusually, Johnson is wrong here.  Probably CIA-muddled-mind disease.  The big difference between Assange and any random WSJ reporter is that Assange is innocent.  As we have seen over and over and over, the (((media))) is a full part of the US government, and you have to assume all US 'journalists' are active spies.  Around the world, countries simply aren't putting up with this constant American shit any longer.  

"3 Reasons Why Hungary Didn't Vote For Sweden's NATO Membership".

"The McFaul-ty World" (McGovern).

"Wagner Tactics in Bakhmut That Allows Their Advance | Full Front Update 31/03/23" (Weeb Union).

"Russia attacks with missiles, drones and guided bombs. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.31" (Military Summary).

"Russia-Ukraine 101: How it Went Down" (Gardner interview of McGovern).

"Ukraine update, Political persecution of Trump, Arrest of WSJ journalist, Russian-Chinese military.." (Gudadze).

"Is there a US-instigated regime change operation against Bibi Netanyahu?" (Galloway interview of Hedges).

"Ep. 4 Summit for Hypocrisy?" (The Source interview of Granados Ceja).

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Trump - Jail - White House

"Grand Jury Votes to Indict Donald Trump in New York: Live Updates".

Can you imagine when Trump tells the American people that he will govern mindful of the horrible injustices that must be cured, something he now understands all too well from his prison stint?

The occult oligarchy behind the open societies

"Is the Tide Turning in the Ukraine Russian War - Scott Ritter" (Napolitano).

"How Ukraine is Causing World Power Shifting - Tony Schaffer" (Napolitano).

"Losses in Bakhmut. Orthodox internal fight in Kyiv. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.30" (Military Summary).

"Chinese Journalist OWNS the UN spokesperson on Syria lies!" (Syriana Analysis).

"Hypersonic Incompetence." (Martyanov).

"The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary" (Escobar).

"Cancer as Weapon: Sowing Battlefields With Depleted Uranium" (St. Clair).

"You Will Hardly Find This In The News..." (Martyanov).

A Yellow Peril is sweeping through Canada, propelled by the self-styled 'woke' Liberals, and the media is doing a sloppy job at lying:  "I Don’t Trust Global News’ Reporting On Han Dong" (Mastracci).

"USA is the central battlefield in the global total war" (Krainer):

"But the occult oligarchy behind the open societies has already lost their global war. They predicated their plans on achieving total domination of the whole world. The emergence of a multi-polar order entirely collapses their plans. How can you force everyone to rely on windmills and solar panels if your rivals are happily burning oil and gas and running their steel-producing furnaces? Without steel, you can’t build modern weapons. How can you coerce the “hackable animals” to subsist on insects if people in closed societies enjoy traditional foods? How do you force 7 or 8 billion people to take up your vaccines and carry vaccine passes if other nations opt for your rivals’ vaccines? That ship had sailed – it simply cannot be done."

"How To Execute a Color Revolution and Implement Regime Change" (Bezmanov). 

Phased exits everywhere

"Scott Ritter: Talks Belarus/Ukraine & Russia*" (GEGENPOL). 

"Scott Ritter: Talks Ukraine/Georgia & USA*".

"Russia Storms Central Bakhmut; Kiev, US in Denial; Zelensky Depressed; Putin Upbeat Econ; EU NatGas" (Mercouris).

"2023 03 30 11 02 09" (NWE War Reports).

"Former CIA officer urges US to make Zelensky drop claims on Crimea and Donbass" (Adel).

A thread on complete privacy loss concealed behind the Yellow Peril:

"Regulators knew of failed Silicon Valley Bank’s problems but took no action" (Beams). 

Lots of good details on the criminal culprits behind the conspiracy, the usual globalist suspects:  "The Great Food Reset has begun" (Fazi).  The usual sicko PMC idiots promoting a secret agenda at the cost of the lives and wellbeing of billions.

"The Macron Decree That Ignited France" (Shabeer).

"QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley is released 14 months early from prison after Jan. 6 footage showed him being 'ESCORTED' by cops inside the Capitol" (Griffith).  The scum liberal authoritarians will deny it, but the release of the videos was certainly behind this decision.

Your monkey, Your circus.

Crooke!:  "U.S. & NATO fallen into their Own Trap? - Alastair Crooke" (Napolitano).  People want meaning in their lives.

"Aaron Mate spars with British diplomat over Syria cover-up" (The Grayzone). 

"Saudi Arabia joins SCO. China & Brazil trade deal. UAE LNG in Yuan. Lavrov, NATO is fighting. U/1" (Christoforou).

"Beautiful Things are Happening in Geopolitics!" (Kanthan).  It is clear that most of the rest of the world has specifically targeted taking down the dollar's reserve currency status, as the unavoidable conclusion is that Americans will continue to act like psycho-killers until that weapon is pried from them.

"“Biden’s Awkward Democracy Summit”" (Smith).  People are in the 'democracy' club because of slavish devotion to the hegemon, and excluded from the club based solely on hegemonic interests of the day.  Democracy obviously has nothing to do with it.

"US Experts Grapple with Ukraine End Game: Admit War of Attrition is Unwinnable" (The New Atlas).

"Syria reasserts its right to restore its sovereignty over Israeli-occupied Golan".

Stealing the interest is obviously just as illegal as stealing the principal:  "EU Planning To Invest Frozen Russian Assets, Give Returns To Ukraine" (Durden).

I need your money to buy American aloe

"Scott Ritter: Ukraine/Russia War Conflict² & More*" (Infowars).

"Existential conflict w/ Angelo Giuliano and Brian Berletic (Live)" (The Duran).

There are a couple stories a day like this:

Weasel Wong: 

"INTERVIEW: Australia has followed the US into every war" (Galloway interview of Rogatyuk).

"Congress Has Been Captured by the Arms Industry" (Hartung):

"The $45 billion by which Congress increased the Pentagon’s budget request last year was among the highest levels on record. Add-ons included five extra F-35 jet fighters and a $4.7 billion boost to the shipbuilding budget. Other congressional additions included 10 HH-60W helicopters, four EC-37 aircraft, and 16 additional C-130J aircraft (at a cost of $1.7 billion). There were also provisions that prevented the Pentagon from retiring a wide array of older aircraft and ships – including B-1 bombers, F-22 and F-15 combat aircraft, aerial refueling planes, C-130 and C-40 transport aircraft, E-3 electronic warfare planes, HH-60W helicopters, and the relatively new but disastrous Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), referred to by detractors as “little crappy ships.”

The lobbying effort to prevent the Navy from retiring those problem-plagued ships is a case study of all that’s wrong with the Pentagon budget process as it works its way through Congress. As the New York Times noted in a detailed analysis of the checkered history of the LCS, it was originally imagined as a multi-mission vessel capable of detecting submarines, destroying anti-ship mines, and doing battle with the kinds of small craft used by countries like Iran. Once produced, however, it proved inept at every one of those tasks, while experiencing repeated engine problems that made it hard even to deploy. Add to that the Navy’s view that the LCS would be useless in a potential naval clash with China and it was decided to retire nine of them, even though some had only served four to six years of a potential 25-year lifetime.

Contractors and public officials with a stake in the LCS, however, quickly mobilized to block the Navy from shelving the ships and ultimately saved five of the nine slated for retirement. Major players included a trade association representing companies that had received contracts worth $3 billion to repair and maintain those vessels at a shipyard in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as other sites in the U.S. and overseas.

The key congressional players in saving the ship were Representative John Rutherford (R-FL), whose district includes that Jacksonville shipyard, and Representative Rob Wittman (R-VA), whose district includes a major naval facility at Hampton Roads where maintenance and repair work on the LCS is also done. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that, in 2022, Wittman received hundreds of thousands of dollars in arms-industry campaign contributions, including substantial donations from companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and General Dynamics with a role in the LCS program. When asked if the lobbying campaign for the LCS influenced his actions, he said bluntly enough, “I can’t tell you it was the predominant factor… but I can tell you it was a factor.”

Former Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), who tried to make the decision to retire the ships stick, had a harsh view of the campaign to save them:

“If the LCS was a car sold in America today, they would be deemed lemons, and the automakers would be sued into oblivion… The only winners have been the contractors on which the Navy relies for sustaining these ships.”"

Shivers down your spine

"CrossTalk | Long War?" (Lavelle with Wilkerson, McGovern, Brana).  Typically good Crosstalk.

"Update on Ukraine, Moscow vs NATO, US Biolabs, IAEA-ZNPP, Crisis of values-US, Banking crisis-West.." and "Ukraine Update, US F-35 Fleet, Erdogan Talks Peace, US Top LNG Exporter, Russian External Debt.." (Gudadze).

"German politician Sahra Wagenknecht on Ukraine: "Diplomacy instead of weapons"" (acTVism Munich).

"Cheerleading versus shivers down your spine: what will the coming Ukrainian counter-offensive bring?" (Doctorow):

". . . I see that both Scott Ritter and Col. Douglas Macgregor continue their cheerleading of Russian forces with daily predictions of a rout of the Ukrainian army.  They are both talking nonsense, and bring their fake news to very large Western audiences.   Why do I say nonsense? Because no one really knows what the situation on the ground will be when the Ukrainians launch their counter offensive next month. 

Both sides have imposed strictest secrecy on their current operations and plans for the coming couple of months.  Though the Russians continue to make progress in their capture of Bakhmut and Avdievka, there is little movement elsewhere on the very long front. Both sides are engaged in minor sorties to find out weak spots in the defenses of the other side for purposes of the big battle to come.

In the past few days, Zelensky has played down the Ukrainian military potential for the purpose of squeezing more and more aid from the West and to make the possible Ukrainian breakthrough during the counter offensive appear all the more remarkable if it indeed occurs.

The Russians have been digging in, literally, with spades to fortify their defensive positions in a series of lines. The Russians are nervous over what the USA and NATO actually have dispatched to Ukraine, which they believe may be much more advanced than what the newspaper accounts are saying. Forget the tanks, which are a side show. The real threat is long range ballistic missiles and other weaponry that can reach into the supply depots, regional command centers and barracks of reservists in Crimea and the Russian oblasts bordering the Donbas.

Should Russian fears, which we hear set out in some detail on the daily talk shows these days, be justified and not merely a message to their own leadership to take maximum precautions and not to be giddy with success, then you and I should be very, very nervous. Why?  Because if the United States indeed goes va banque and throws in as a further guarantee of success NATO piloted aircraft and battalions of infantry, then the possibility of Russians resorting to tactical nukes raises its head."


". . . sadly and reluctantly, I take back my words about the impossibility of Russian use of nuclear weapons in the field. I have done this privately in a letter to Professor Mearsheimer. Now I do so publicly.

If US assistance to the Ukrainian counteroffensive goes over the top, we may all become collateral casualties of war, both here in Europe and on the mythically secure shores across the Atlantic." 

Frankly, it seems that this big counter-attack is just a way for Ze to get more loot, and not a real threat, but we'll see (and, as Doctorow points out, the consequences of a counter-attack might be huge, nuclear WWIII huge, which is exactly why (((Nuland))) picked Crimea as the target). 

"‘Russia alone can already confront the entire West…’" (Bhadrakumar).

Synder is the most relentlessly stupid cheerleader of the American Empire amongst the hegemon's captured accademics:  "Putin, Trump, Ukraine: how Timothy Snyder became the leading interpreter of our dark times" (Baird).  George Saunders (!) blurbed one of his books.

"Washington’s Summit for Democracy reaches new heights of hypocrisy" (Martin).


"Wagner Advances To Bakhmut FREEDOM SQUARE | Full Front Update 30/03/23" (Weeb Union).

"Honduras Now Recognizes Beijing, Not US-backed Separatists on Taiwan" (The New Atlas). 

"Underground tunnels between Bakhmut and Chasiv Yar. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.30" (Military Summary).

"🚨BREAKING🚨 WSJ Journalist Detained By FSB For Spying" and "WESTERN TANKS DESTROYED! Chinese Army READY TO FIGHT ALONGSIDE RUSSIA." (iEarlGrey).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 400".

"Ukraine War Day #400: The Tocsin Summons The Flock" (yalensis).

"Judge Napolitano and I Discus Lloyd Austin and Ukraine" (Johnson).

"US Air Force Abandons Lockheed Hypersonic Weapon Program After Test Failure" (Durden).

"Chechen Fighters Sign Deal with Ukraine to Form All-Chechen Brigade to Fight Russians" (Kuzmarov):

"Christopher Helali, in another important article for CAM that profiles foreign mercenary fighters in Ukraine, suggests that the nexus of military personnel, neo-Nazis, and intelligence networks being mobilized is reminiscent of Operation Gladio following the Second World War—a state terrorist operation involving the creation of underground armies to fight the Soviet Union and political left in Europe.Axel Vilhelmsen trained Ukrainian soldiers last year as part of the Mozart Group, which two former Marines established to help Ukraine.

The CIA, as we know, has played an outsized role in the Ukraine conflict—spreading propaganda, overseeing the Ukrainian secret service (Служба безпеки України), and providing paramilitary training to Ukrainian Special Forces engaged in dirty-war tactics in eastern Ukraine.

Thousands of American mercenaries, many with white supremacist backgrounds, have also gone to fight on the frontlines of Ukraine. The New York York Times on March 26 profiled some of them, including James Vasquez, who fought alongside the Da Vince’s Wolves, a Ukrainian far-right battalion.[3]

What the Times did not report is that Vasquez and some of his associates may be working under intelligence cover to coordinate the activities of the Chechens, Croats, Georgians and other foreign fighters that have been unleashed on eastern Ukraine to kill Russians and terrorize the people."

"France Buys 65,000 Tons Of LNG From China In First Ever Yuan-Denominated Trade" (Durden).  After years of protests by the people, I wonder if this defiance of the hegemon is the thing that takes out Macron.  I also wonder if this is actually Russian gas, making this trade a double whammy for the hegemon.  The story as described doesn't make a whole lot of sense - why is China selling Emirates gas to France?

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Meloni had no choice

"Russia Speeds Bakhmut Advance, Strikes Ukraine Rear, Ukraine Shells Melitopol; Russia Weapons Output" (Mercouris). 

"Russia Ukraine China & U.S. - a NEW puzzle - Col Doug Macgregor" (Napolitano).

"US Announces Peace is Unacceptable" (usefulidiots).

"Thomas Fazi on the battle for Europe" (Krupa).

China and France

"Wagner Storms The Town Hall of Bakhmut. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.29" (Military Summary).

"Can Biden’s Team Find Compromise With Russia? - Larry Johnson" (Napolitano).  

"UN fail. Macron crackdown. Elensky fears US political change. Orthodox monks attacked, evicted. U/1" (Christoforou).  Sarcasm plus hypocrisy.

"Russia obsession drives Blinken to warn India ahead of G20" (The Duran).

"THIS IS "WAR IN THE BROADEST SENSE". IAEA 2nd Visit. AFU Destroyed In Bakhmut. Cargil Cease Exports." (iEarlGrey).

"Following in Iran’s footsteps, Saudi Arabia agrees to join SCO".

"Ukraine War Day #399: Say Hello To The New Guy!" (yalensis).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 399".

"Meanwhile..." (Martyanov).


More to come. 

Elected nonentities

"Ukrainian Forces. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.29" (Military Summary).

"WAR UPDATE: New Tank Shipments ARRIVE In Ukraine" (THETI Mapping).

"Full Front Update 29/03/23 | Heavy Fighting | Combat Footage North Of Bakhmut" (Weeb Union).

"Redacted: It's About To Hit The Fan!*".

"Scott Ritter: Ukraine/Russia War Conflict & More*" (Infowars).

"Scott Ritter: Talks "Ithaca" Julian Assange*" (RealTruthTalk).

"Israeli General’s Son: Myths and Facts of an Apartheid System" (Becker interviews Peled, a good one). 

"About Composites." (Martyanov).

"Blinken Doesn’t Know Shinola" (McGovern).

"Violent demonstrations continue in France over pension reform" (Doctorow):

". . . the Financial Times has in the past week speculated on the end of the Fifth Republic as a possible outcome to the ongoing conflict. As they note, for some time there has been no one of sufficient stature to fulfill the oversized role of the President set down in a constitution made expressly for General De Gaulle when he took power.  Why France has repeatedly in this century elected nonentities as President is something I recently discussed when looking at U.S. interventions in the French electoral process."

"Nashville Police Respond Professionally to Active Shooter" (Johnson).

From the classic Family Guy chart:

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

SIM card politics

"Alexander Dugin and the Origins of the ‘Red-Brown Alliance’ Myth" (Parry) (I would have rearranged this sentence): 

"How is it that Dugin’s name has become synonymous with an ideology he has condemned in the minds of the Western public?"


"It is crucial to understand that as a strategist, Dugin views the geopolitical landscape in terms of spatial poles and geographical civilizations. He posits that continents which are landlocked tend to be collectivist-based societies whereas landmasses that have access to the seaways contain cultures that are predisposed towards individualism.

Historically, it is true that the European powers were maritime empires built on naval expansion and sea merchant power while the Russian empire was a land power. In this paradigm, Dugin believes Russia occupies a unique space as a self-contained civilization and sovereign pole but one that he places culturally closer to Asia than Western Europe.

Dugin’s movement does not consider Russian culture to be on the Eastern periphery of European civilization but reimagines it at the “heartland” of Eurasia, a standalone continent that is as much a part of the Orient as it is under European influence. He argues this symbiotic relationship goes back to the fusion between Eastern Orthodox Christianity adopted under the Byzantine Empire with the Mongol conquest of Kievan Rus in the 13th century. It is from this synthesis which the modern Russian nation-state originated, thereby transforming Moscow into a ‘third Rome.’

Throughout history, there have been numerous attempts by hostile foreign powers to conquer the Eurasian heartland, or what the founder of geopolitics Sir Halford Mackinder also referred to as the ‘Pivot Area.’ However, Dugin looks at the expansion of NATO as more than just the latest encirclement but an attempt by Atlanticist civilization, namely the United States and Europe, to export liberal democracy and decadent Western values onto Russia by force.

Dugin sees the West as aiming to impose its own cultural standards of moral universalism through forceable conversion onto Russia, which has a thousand-year-old collectivistic way of life with ancient traditions and deeply ingrained societal differences. According to Dugin’s outlook, the systems of communism and capitalism were both equally Western systems that are inapplicable to Russia. Even though the Cold War ended, no matter which political ideology Moscow adopts, Anglo-American imperialism continues to view Eurasia as a resource-rich land to be balkanized, conquered, and contained." 

It is understandable, and natural, albeit ill-conceived, for the hegemon to use woke ideology as its brand and battle cry. 

Excellent interview:  "On the Ground In Donbas: Ukraine, Russia & ‘Unworthy Victims,’ w/ Fergie Chambers" (Khalek with Chambers).

"Donbass and War: What Spring Will Bring" (Phillips).

Core values

"Conflict mood swings. Pumping USD into Ukraine, holding up the hryvnia" (The Duran). 

"Russia More Bakhmut Gains, Bombs Sumy; Kiev Still Short Ammo & Tanks; China Stonewalls Xi-Biden" (Mercouris).

"Wagner advances in Bakhmut. New Avdiivka operation. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.28" (Military Summary).

"Uncovering the Truth: NATO's Failure in Ukraine Explained" (Syriana Analysis interview of Fazi).

"Kherson Refugees Reject Western Media Claims of Russia "Kidnapping" Them" (Bartlett).

You may not like his politics, but Gaetz is doing a remarkably good job at being a competent lawmaker, and nobody else asks these questions (which are more traditionally questions of the 'left'):

Depleted uranium: 

"On Russophobia" (Wilson).

This is hilarious: 

Absolute heroes

"TikTok stops ammo. Tanks arrive, spring offensive almost ready. Bear Grylls, chocolate poison. U/1" (Christoforou).

Thread on possible motive for the school shooting:

The dramatic police action:

Little to do with morals

"In major shift, Brazil challenges OPCW's Syria cover-up" (Maté).

"Burying key evidence, new OPCW report covers up Douma’s unsolved deaths" (Maté).  It is an honest mistake.  Anybody, even al-Qaeda or the White Helmets, can mix up faked nerve agent poisoning symptoms with faked chlorine gas poisoning symptoms.

A lively one (is Kavanaugh dumb?):  "Finger pointing in the Nashville killings / IRS House Call on Matt Taibbi?" (Napolitano).  "Supreme Court won’t review contempt conviction of anti-Chevron environmental lawyer" (de Vogue).  "The IRS Makes a Strange House Call on Matt Taibbi".

"Biden Goes After Matt Taibbi - Israel Protests - Neocons Take Another “L” in the Middle East" (Nixon).

"Russian Forces Reach Center of Bakhmut" (NWE War Reports).

"Ukraine's Spring Offensive Might Run Into a Wall" (HistoryLegends).

"US politicians urge Biden to send cluster bombs to Kiev" (Leiroz).

"Here’s why HRW deliberately only scratched the surface in exploring Ukraine’s use of banned ‘petal’ mines" (Bartlett).

"US and Taiwan plan to equip Kiev regime forces with ‘swarms-of-swarms’ drones" (Bosnic).

Holy shit, that's a lot of free government cheese!:  "‘The Billionaire Bailout’: FDIC Chair Says the Biggest Deposit Accounts at SVB Held $13 Billion" (Johnson):

"Writing for The American Prospect on Monday, Revolving Door Project researcher Dylan Gyauch-Lewis called the federal government’s swift action in the wake of SVB’s failure “a good illustration of the enormous class bias in American policymaking.”

“As soon as corporations and the wealthy run into trouble, elites trip over themselves, discarding both law and precedent, to rescue them,” Gyauch-Lewis wrote, noting that federal regulators had to classify SVB’s collapse as a “systemic risk” to the financial system—a disputed characterization—in order to legally guarantee deposits over $250,000.

For contrast, Gyauch-Lewis added, “consider student loan forgiveness. The legal justification is clear as day, and the authority itself is used regularly. According to the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003, the Education Department can forgive student loans as it sees fit in a national emergency.”

“At bottom, the core reason SVB’s depositors got bailed out had little to do with morals or even financial risk,” Gyauch-Lewis argued. “It happened because they had rich and powerful friends with the ear of the president’s chief of staff. Broke students don’t. The students have to organize and campaign for decades to get something far worse than what they wanted, and for that to hang in the balance at the Supreme Court. The SVB depositors just had to whine on Twitter and make a few calls.”"

I wonder which billionaires won the Powerball.

"Brazil Looks To Strengthen Ties With China, As Taiwan Loses Yet Another Ally in Latin America" (Corbishley).

"Lawfare Comes Into Fashion: The New Geo-Political ‘Rack’" (Crooke).  I didn't realize it was as bad as all 44 ICC warrants being issued against Africans!  There is the hint that this indictment is intended as a warning to other world political leaders who might run afoul of the hegemon:

"The issuance of an ICC on such flimsy pretext -- absent any apparent reference from any competent authority to the Court -- must expose many senior politicians visiting Europe to a new risk: that of ‘Lawfare’ used as a geo-political stick against governments who have run up against the grain of western interests in some way. Again, states will rightly become more cautious of any interaction with western legal jurisdictions. Lawfare is in fashion -- look at what is happening in the US with Trump and his supporters. Caveat!"

His own private militia

"Sen. Chris Murphy Accidentally Reveals US Plans for Ukraine" (usefulidiots). 

"The Critical Hour: Talking US-Russian Tensions in Ukraine & US-Chinese Tensions Over Taiwan" (The New Atlas).

"The Banality of Biden’s Advisers - Ray McGovern" (Napolitano).

"Crisis in Pakistan: Former PM Imran Khan Supporters Clash with Military & Police" (BreakThrough News interview of Imran).  Khan's problem? - he's too popular to allow him to run in an election.

Jewish Israelis held mass demonstrations ostensibly to protect the balance of powers amongst branches of the Israeli government, which Bibi was messing with solely to keep his sorry ass out of jail, but ended up with a new private army under the control of the eliminationist extreme right:  "Israeli PM promises extremist security minister his own private militia".

Iran is in a hurry, trying to stay ahead of the inevitable false-flag:  "Iran extends invitation to Saudi King".

New Stonetoss:

Let us not allow the bodies of dead children obscure who is the real victim here:

Guide to the antiques: 

I don't think Ze wants to negotiate: 

"Saudi nod to China opens post-American Gulf era" (Ulrichsen).

Europe is so screwed, and the Europeans are thrilled about it: 

"US Continues Its Abuse of the EU With Recent Inflation Reduction Act Agreement" (Gallagher).  The big deal about European 'green' was to move the consequent pollution to the 'jungle'.  I guess those days are over.

You couldn't be anymore of a cliché if you tried

"The Russian Sledgehammer is Falling in Ukraine" (Wood interview of Macgregor). 

"Douglas Macgregor: "What's Coming IS WORSE THAN A WW3, THIS IS SERIOUS!" in Exclusive Interview" (Savage, from a while ago).

"Scott Ritter & Vladimir Zakharov Strength of new multipolar world alliances! Taiwan & NATO*" (RealTruthTalk).

"US democracy ‘a facade’ – Russian security chief". 

"Moscow waiting for Western leaders ‘to sober up’ – Lavrov".

"Moscow calls out US’ rules-based order in Europe" (Bhadrakumar).

"Biden visit makes it official: Canada is a US vassal state" (Narine).

An express threat of state violence by Blackface ('watch your step'), and an act of assault by one of his goons (note the use of bicycles to protect Blackface from street justice):

This flaming (((piece of shit))) posts a tweet of anti-Christian hate speech, mocking the dead, absolutely typical of the Traditional Haters, then deletes it whining about the 'anti-Semitism' he claims is in his email, a thread: 

"Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale Video Released" ('Hunter Wallace').

Bitter pill

"Update on Ukraine, US Escalates with RF, Moscow-Yerevan friction, UN-Nord Stream 2, World economy.." (Gudadze).

"Trump Urges U.S. "TO PRAY" Following Nukes. UN Blocks Nord Stream Investigation." (iEarlGrey).

"Wagner Captures Southern Bakhmut As Prigozhin Visits The Front | Full Front Update 28/03/23" (Weeb Union).

"Drone Attack. New General. Wagner in Avdiivka. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.28" (Military Summary).

"WAR UPDATE: Russia CAPTURES Bakhmut Industrial District" (THETI Mapping).

"[ BAKHMUT ] WAGNER REACHES CENTRAL BAKHMUT - Prigozhin geolocated; Wagner fighting over SW exit" (Defense Politics Asia).

"WAGNER SQUEEZES BAKHMUT - Avdiivka Offensive stalled [ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 396-397 (26-27/3)" (DPA War).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Ukraine War Day #398: Under The Heel Of A Thatcherite – Part III" (yalensis).

"In Order For Me..." (Martyanov).

"What Ukraine Needs to Learn From Afghanistan" (Sachs).

"L’Entente Is a Bitter Pill for the West" (Crooke):

"The problem here, is that these ‘two Americas’ – the entitled Oligarchy and ‘Other America’ – simply were not able to discourse with each other, and have withdrawn into separate spheres: The western tech-platforms (such as Twitter) were knowingly configured so as to precisely not listen to ‘Other America’. And to cancel, or de-platform, contrarian voices. Today’s anti-Russian schema is yet another derivative of ‘nudge psychology’, originally trialled during Lockdown: Then ‘Science’ (as determined by the governments) offered public ‘certainty’, and at the same time stoked fear that any non-compliance with government rules might lead to death.

The moral certainty (claimed from following the ‘Science’) gave justification to judge harshly, condemn and dismiss people who in any way questioned Lockdown. Today’s geo-political psychological ploy – a derivative from the Lockdown precedent – is to ‘paste’ to the geo-political sphere the woke position of zero tolerance towards questioning supposed principles ‘that are inviolable’ (such as Human Rights). Thus, the schema uses the narrative ‘clarity’ of Russia’s ‘illegal, unprovoked and criminal invasion of Ukraine’ to give the western public the satisfying sense of righteousness needed to similarly judge harshly, oust from employment, and publicly denigrate any who expressed support for Russia.

This is viewed as an Intelligence Success, by contributing to the objective of maintaining NATO ‘burden sharing’ – and in ensuring across-the-board western expression of ‘moral outrage’ at all things Russian.

The West’s ‘Certainty Ploy’ may have worked, in that it deceptively has kindled a moral fury within a large segment of public opinion. Yet it can also be a trap – by firing up such emotionally charged propaganda; the force of the latter now limits western options (at a time when the circumstances of the Ukraine war are much changed from what had been expected). The West is now trapped by that public opinion that views any compromise that is not one of full Russian capitulation to violate its ‘inviable principles’.

The notion of exposing differing facets to a conflict (which lies at the crux to mediation), providing differing perspectives coming into view, becomes intolerable when set against ‘black and white’ righteousness. Xi and Putin are held by the western media to be so morally deficient that many fear being scorned for being on the wrong side of the ‘moral’ fault line on such a contentious issue.

Notably, this ploy does not work in the rest of world, where wokism has little traction.

There is however a substrata of Ruling Class worry about this denial technique. Two real issues arise: First, can America survive absent U.S. hegemony? What bonds, what national meaning, what vision could substitute to hold such a diverse nation together? Is ‘modernity as the winner of history’ convincing in the context of contemporary cultural degeneracy? If today’s scouring ‘modernity’ comes only at the cost of personal loneliness and loss of self-esteem (which is the recognised symptom of alienation arising from severance from community-roots), is technological ‘modernity’ then worth it? Or can some return to earlier values become the guiding prerequisite to a different mode of modernity? – one that works with the grain, instead of against the grain of cultural embeddedness."


"The West is now painted into a corner: It cannot sustain war on both Russia and China, yet its overblown, deliberately deceitful, manipulation of public opinion to create western ‘cohesion’ makes de-escalation almost impossible.

The public in the U.S. and Europe now sees Russia and China in the darkest shades of the Manichaean Demiurge. They have been repeatedly told that Russia stands at the cusp of total collapse, and that Ukraine ‘is winning’. Most Americans, most Europeans believe this. Many have come to revile these new adversaries.

The U.S. leadership class cannot back down. Yet, it has not the means to wage a two-front war. The trap consists in propaganda stemming from an earlier Lockdown schema that was designed to frighten, and dis-inform the public. A principal aim of which was to make doubt or scepticism appear morally irresponsible within public discourse. Similarly, the new schema of western public control by which Presidents Xi and Putin are made to look so morally deficient that much of the public fears to criticise the war on Russia – has boomeranged. That ‘certainty’ means that it would be morally irresponsible to back out of a war – even one that is being lost. The war now must proceed to the defeat of the Ukrainian regime – an outcome far more humiliating than a negotiated end would have been. But public opinion will not allow anything less than Putin’s humiliation. The West is stuck between the public sentiment which it contrived and the reality on the ground."

"Bulgaria Refuses To Send Weapons To Ukraine, Joins Hungary & Austria's Neutral Stance".

"Bellingcat & Mouse Game Reveals Advance Russian Intelligence of Nordstream Attack Operation" (Helmer). There were some Russian ships around keeping an eye on what the big NATO exercises were doing.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 398".

Punches a devastating hole

"Pendulum Politics — Did Transgender Tennessee Murderer Mark the End of Transgender Euphoria?"  (Johnson):

"I think police already know that this was an act of perverted revenge terrorism. Hale did not know the children she murdered. They were symbolic sacrifices to satiate her rage against that school for having the audacity to believe that God created male and female. She used bullets to paint a mural of hate using the blood of 9 year old tykes and their teachers in making a statement condemning the Christian values and theology that are the foundation of that school.

This has the potential to be a watershed moment and mark the start of the political pendulum shifting from demanding that all sane people genuflect at the altar of transgender fantasy towards the traditional belief grounded in biology — i.e., transgenderism is a phantasm.

Hale’s mindless murders punches a devastating hole in the woke movements ferocious attempt to portray Conservatives as terrorists. The reality is otherwise. Mass murders are usually the work of mentally disturbed people who tend to embrace the woke left’s agenda. Will the sane majority of Americans seize this moment and push for a return to normal? We’ll see."

This is causing such consternation it is causing authorities to engage in simply the worst crime known to man, or woman, misgendering:  "Media is Calling the F-to-M Trans School Shooter a Female" (Anglin). 

"Nashville school shooting - Audrey Hale" (Aangirfan).

I can't now find it, but one of the replies to a tweet asserted before anybody knew what was going on that the mass slaughterer of children described as a 'woman' would turn out to be trans.

Stonetoss comics are so universal it has become a fad to modify them:




Monday, March 27, 2023

Ever since

"A talk with Ivan Katchanovski (Professor - University Ottawa)" (Guerreiro).  This is a better presentation of Katchanovski than The Duran interview.  His grandfather having to dig his own grave for the crime of giving a POW a loaf of bread.  His relatives living in multiple countries over the years without having to  move.  Wernher von Braun's Polish missile testing range.  And the Maidan massacre.

"The House That Russia Built" (Martyanov).

"Russia's Spring offensive on Ukraine - Kevork Almassian with Peter Lavelle".

"Redacted: Russia & China JUST changed EVERYTHING as the U.S. readies for War*" (Redacted).  Once it turns into an ad for stocks, there is no more content.

"Russia provides Iran advanced digital surveillance capabilities: Wall Street Journal". 

End of unipolarity

"End of unipolarity w/ Jeffrey Sachs, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen" (The Duran).

"Russia Pushes Central Bakhmut, Ukraine Evacuates Avdeyevka, Zelensky meets Army Chiefs; US Fear" (Mercouris).

"The Russians have changed the general. Bakhmut & Avdiivka. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.27" (Military Summary).

"New York Times Finally Notices that US Mercs in Ukraine are Incompetent Con Artists and more..." (Sleboda on Faultlines).

King of currencies

"Scott Ritter (LIVE)" (Through the eyes of). 

"Julian Assange movie - ithaca" (Napolitano interview of Shipton).  Given the grim collection of thugs in the Brandon Administration, it is difficult to see any hope from the American side.

"Putin, shift from USD. China envy. No regime change for you. Protests Pakistan, Israel, France. U/1" (Christoforou).

"Netanyahu weakened, as protests grow in Israel" (The Duran).

"Saudi oil giant to build refinery in northeast China".

"Sorry Zerohedge: For Better or Worse, US Dollar Will Remain the King of Currencies" (Jackson).  Nobody knows the answer to this question, but anybody who predicates an argument based on the supposed robustness of the American financial system, or some unique technical abilities that only American financiers have, is a fool.  One factor is that the Chinese wisely don't want the baggage of hosting the reserve currency (they don't need infinite money to fight Wars For The Jews, so why would they?).  On the other hand, led by Russia, there is a concerted world-wide campaign involving countries containing at least two thirds of the world's population to separate the psychos in the US from their power by intentionally avoiding the American dollar as a payment mechanism.  Here are some bizarre sentences from this article:

  1. "Russia cannot project power more than a few hundred kilometers outside of its borders." (ask the supersonic missiles the US doesn't have about this!);
  2. "China’s ongoing demographic crisis rules out a military reconquest of Taiwan in the foreseeable future." (wut?); and
  3. "The currency most likely to eventually displace the dollar, the Chinese Yuan, has no adopters outside China." (wut, wut?).

This is just a PR operation to assuage the natural concerns of many Americans that Brandon doesn't know what the fuck he is doing.

Riddled with biased takes

"Can China Save The World From A CRASH!! 🔴Live Stream Peter Schiff" (Reporterfy). 

There seems to be a conspiracy in taking down DB, perhaps as part of the overall American war on Europe, a thread:

There is also a huge explanation gap in explaining whatever happened to SVB.  The Silicon Valley billionaire bros did everything they could, using social media, to create a bank run, and then did everything they could to get Brandon to bail out all the billionaire depositors (since they are all major, major Brandon donors, presumably the whole bail-out was already planned between the Democrats and the billionaires), but there really wasn't enough wrong with the bank to justify this massive interference, which seems now to be leading to much greater, cascading, problems.  What gives?

"Only a “regional bank” problem??? Here’s a case study of SVB problems inside a U.S. “TOP TEN” bank." (Dreizin):

"For reasons unknown to medical science…..

SVB bit the bullet…..

…..and disclosed a write-down in its bond portfolio…..

Causing a panic, a run on the bank."

"Canada’s McCarthyism and the spies stirring a yellow peril scare" (Mitrovica).

"Tactics, Arms & Ammo: What Will Shape Ukraine's Offensive & Impact its Aftermath" (The New Atlas).

I am always going to find it amusing that every time the Saudis make a break from the control of the hegemon, somebody resurrects the 'Saudis did it' theory of 9/11, in this case slightly obscured by allegations that the CIA is hiding something, perhaps a failed attempt to 'turn' one of the Saudi plotters:  "Exclusive: FBI Agents Accuse CIA of 9/11 Coverup" (Hettena).

"For Decades I Have Explained That Watergate Was a CIA Scheme to Remove President Nixon from Office" (Roberts).

"Kenya to Buy Oil Using Local Currency Instead of US Dollars" (Sanin).

A thread: 

You always reap what you sow

"The US dominance is Gone | Geoffrey Young" (Dialogue works). 

"Update on Ukraine, Judicial reform-Israel, Japan wants Russian energy, Russia launches digital ruble" (Levan Gudadze - Opinion).  A review of war news from Russia.

"The Banality of Biden’s ‘Exceptional’ Elite Advisers" (McGovern).  Of course, McGovern can't mention the real (((motivation))).  From the (((point of view))) of (((people))) like (((Blinken))) and (((Nuland))) and (((Sullivan))), this war has been a splendid success so far (but needs to keep going).

"Mexican cartels have begun using weapons smuggled from Ukraine" (Nikolov).

"News Roundup, 27 March 2023" (Brakus).

"The Donald Trump Problem" (Hedges).  I think this is too hard on Trump, but I accept the idea that Trump is being persecuted for crimes against the power of the Deep State, and more importantly, to keep him out of a power position where he could extend his attack against the Deep State.  He was obviously not prepared for how psychopathic the Deep State is, and I assume has learned some things.  I am sure he can make it to the ballot, but I can't see how he gets around the organized ballot-box stuffing the Democrats have perfected.

"Alternative Facts" (Cockburn).  The (((media))) lies about Assange about as much as (((they))) lie about everything else.

Right-wing American Khazars see the events going on in Israel as a color revolution against Israel being promoted by Soros and the Democratic Party, specifically the Obama wing, which is still in power, and hates Bibi!:

If you see the unrest as part of a Jewish civil war, they may not be wrong.  Somehow the Khazars have to figure out how to re-take control of the country, which Bibi has frittered away in his wild attempts to stay out of jail.

The most vicious anti-Semite in the world could not possibly make up an origin story for the ADL as sordid as the actual origin story of the ADL:  "American Pravda: The Leo Frank Case and the Origins of the ADL" (Unz).  It as if some powerful Jews got together to plot what they could possibly do to confirm every negative stereotype about themselves imaginable.

Note Twitter's attempt to be 'helpful' with the debunking 'context' (Elon Musk's war on electro-magnetism):