Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Epstein II

"Iraq’s Silk Road: Port and canal project set to transform Baghdad’s geopolitical clout" (Sweidan). 

"Russia’s “Sanction-Proof” Trade Corridor to India Frustrates the Neocons" (Gallagher).  Note, in the second half of the article, the concerted (((neocon))) attacks in countries involved in skirting the Empire.

Mossad-y as hell:  "Meet Nathan Anderson, the man behind Hindenburg report, which is creating major trouble for Adani Group" (my emphasis in red):

"After activist investment company Hindenburg Research accused billionaire businessman Gautam Adani's Grupo Adani of perpetrating fraud, Adani's net worth plummeted and he fell to the position of world's third-richest person. As a result of the claims, the conglomerate's bonds and stock prices dropped.

Nathan Anderson established Hindenburg Research in 2017 as a forensic financial research business specialising on equities, credit, and derivatives analysis. Hindenburg claims on its website to investigate "man-made catastrophes" such financial discrepancies, poor management, and hidden related-party transactions. The business uses its own money to finance its investments.

According to a study written by Hindenburg, the firms comprising this conglomerate, which are owned by Asia's wealthiest man, have been engaged in “a brazen scheme of stock manipulation and accounting fraud for decades.”

The report alleging Adani of plotting to manipulate the business's share price was produced by a well-known seller of the company in question. After that, Amazon's Jeff Bezos replaced Adani as the world's wealthiest individual.

After receiving his bachelor's degree in international business from the University of Connecticut, 38-year-old Nathan Anderson started his career in finance working with investment management businesses at the data company FactSet Research Systems Inc.

He gave an interview to the WSJ in 2020, saying, “I noticed they were doing a lot of run-of-the-mill analysis, there was a lot of compliance.”  Earlier in his life, he worked as an Israeli ambulance driver."

Note he is an Israeli taxi cab driver, gets one degree in finance, starts a major short-selling firm after a bit of an education at a finance data company, and starts to take down one of the most politically connected companies in India - reminds me almost exactly of Epstein's improbable rise!!!  India, which is very close to Israel (shared Islamophobia), might want to rethink that closeness.

Background:  "Chartbook #190: The Adani crisis - is Modi's house of cards at risk?" (Tooze).

The big war is already taking place in many places around the world, including Ukraine.

Berlin, 1944

"U.S. Not Prepared to take on Russia / Col Doug Macgregor" (Napolitano).  Another good interview.  Napolitano is the best interviewer.  Based on something Macgregor said, I wonder if Germans today are just reflecting the cluelessness of many Germans in 1944, who were astonished to find they lost.

"UKRAINE WAR MAP | 23rd-31st Full Frontline update | Russia launches new Offensives." (NWE War Updates).  Note the first part on how he got cancelled by YouTube for a week for 'hate speech' in a language he didn't understand!

"US Threatens Missiles, Jets, and now Crimea, US Sees (Seeks) War with China by 2025" (The New Atlas).

"Israel bombs convoy on Syria-Iraq Border" (Syriana Analysis).

"Rand’s latest Ukraine assessment assessed" (Cobban).

Ukrainians haven't lost their sense of humor, or cynicism (or larceny):



"Trials and Tribulations of the Collective West" (Escobar).

"Scholz bid to rally Ukraine support in South America falls flat".
"Tuesday 31st January 2023 - LIVE" (iEarlGrey).

"Preventing a long war w/Scott Ritter (Live)" (The Duran).  Very animated Ritter.

"Blog archiving and other issues" (The Saker).  The Ukraine, The Duran, The Saker.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 31.01.2023" (Military Summary).

"Bakhmut Front Update | Russian Advances Within the City 31/01/23" (Weeb Union).

"2023.01.31 The Ukraine Conflict — A Primer" (Lira).

"Betrayal and Broken Promises: Where Will It Lead? By Allan Mountain".

"MbS urged Baghdad to set up Iran-Saudi meeting: Iraqi FM".

It is so striking for HRW, an organization created to provide cover for Israeli and American atrocities, while employing 'human rights' as a weapon against imperial enemies, actually to care about human rights that I have to assume they are setting up for a massive 'human rights' attack against Russia:  "HRW urges Ukraine to probe its military’s use of banned mines".

Jelly-spined bloviating cowardly politicians and hacks

"Crimea will never again be part of Ukraine - Croatian president". 

"Poroshenko, 8 years to build an army. IMF, 2023 Russia economic growth. Ukraine wants 200 F16s. U/1" (Christoforou).

"Boris gets a bomb threat! Or does he?" (Galloway).  Check the recordings!

"Are the US and Germany now at war with Russia?" (The Grayzone).  It is completely and obviously wrong to say Ukraine is pushing the Americans around.  The (((neocons))) tell Ze what to say, as part of the PR operation to prepare for the material (((they))) have already decided to send.

"German Greens, the world's most hypocritical party?" (The Grayzone).  It is funny that the only competition the German Greens have in completely deceiving voters and doing the exact opposite of what they promised is . . . Zelensky.

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 341 (30/1): Vuhledar siege; Ukr control over Kyslivka & Kotlyarivka confirmed" (DPA War).

A thread:

"The "Price Shock" is Just Starting: German Industry To Pay 40% More For Energy Than Pre-Crisis" (Durden).  Decades of very impressive work by German economic planners has been permanently blown up by Scholz and his merry band of Euro-trash.

Lots of COVID 'research':  "20,000 Docs Obtained by Russia Expose US Biowarfare Program in Ukraine".

"Ukraine War Day #342: Earning Redemption With Blood (concluded)" (yalensis).

Hilarious Scottish Troon Promoting:

"Court put in lockdown as dangerous 'dirty protest' transexual prisoner appears in dock half naked" (Bugler). 

"Watch: Sturgeon Falls Apart Over Trans Women Prison Row".

Ha!:  "A Message to Those Recently Opining on a Risk to Women Prisoners" (McCulloch).  We need to see more of this.

Paper tigers into oblivion

"Is Russia’s Offensive Underway and Is the U.S. Trying to Broker a Deal?" (Johnson).  Yes, the famous 'spring offensive' has obviously started, without fanfare, in the Russian way.  Offering Russia now the deal the (((neocons))) scuppered in March is just an insult, intended to allow the Euro-trash to claim that the Americans are acting in good faith.

"Lack of ERA on the Leopard 2 tanks gives the T-90M advantage" (Nikolov):

"If it comes to a direct fight between the T-90M and the Leopard 2, everything depends on the crews of the two tanks. If we take them out of the equation, however, the Leopard 2’s lack of ERA armor in line of sight could easily allow a T-90M tank shell to penetrate the Leopard 2’s armor."

I think the Russians intend to take most of these tanks out using their anti-tank missiles targeted by drones

"Russian tourist flows to Seychelles and the New World Order" (Doctorow):

"The most visible symbol of the Arab presence in Seychelles is the vacation palace complex atop the hills overlooking the capital city of Victoria on Mahe. This was built in 2010 by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi. As I have been told, it sits where there once was a U.S. listening base for the Indian Ocean region. I surmise that the big Russian ‘yacht’ now parked permanently outside the port of Victoria performs that very same function.  Times change…

If I may tie up the Russian-Emirates knot, since the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine in February 2022, the Emirates have been among the greatest beneficiaries of the spike in oil and gas prices that resulted from Western sanctions on Russia. And along with other Opec members they have drawn significantly closer to Russia and more distant from the USA in their foreign policy orientation The sheikhs are a keen-eyed, realistic bunch. I take this to mean that they are siding with the ones they expect to win the war.. Meanwhile in a related development, Russia has added the UAE dirham to its foreign currency reserves."

"NATO wants Seoul to reverse arms exports policy" (Papadopoulos/Doctorow). 

Everybody says 'neigh':  "New Zealand: The horse has bolted" (Irish Savant).  She used to be an attractive woman, now, after years of doing the Pure Evil demanded by the globalists, she looks like a troon, and has achieved Orwell's 'the face [s]he deserves'.  You may say that is too cruel, but it is an infinitesimal speck of the cruelty she has done.

"FRONTLINE UPDATE - Vuhledar and Bakhmut" (THETI Mapping). 

"Full Front Update 31/01/23" (Weeb Union).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 342".

Do you think Denmark will last six hours when WWIII starts?:

"Phantoms of the Eyewash: America Herds NATO’s Paper Tigers Into Oblivion by Thomas Lipscomb". 

Pro-tip for all Europeans: start learning Russian now.  You'll need it to beg for food from the occupying army.  Hate-filled morons!

Monday, January 30, 2023

Right to shelter

"Scott Ritter: Ukraine/Russia Escalation" (Gegenpol).  More yelling at Germans.

"WSJ Admits Bakhmut Almost Cut Off, Russia Pushes Forward Vuhledar; US Military Wants End Ukraine War" (Mercouris).  Criticizing the sacred War on Terror as weakening the US?!  Where would anybody get a crazy idea like that?

"We are risking nuclear war over Ukraine! Interview with Colonel Richard Black" (Syriana Analysis).  Excellent interview.  Black pulls no punches!  He is one of those guys who say true things that you don't expect to hear.  Note the 'heat signature' of the Abrams (of course, not really an issue as those tanks will never arrive in Ukraine and are probably intended for Poland).  [Note:  this video seems to have disappeared, perhaps because the audio is being edited, and I will re-up the link later.]  Link now works.

Blowing up the port in Beirut really reminds me of the ruthlessness of blowing up Nord Stream, and it is by exactly the (((same people))).  One of the biggest advantages the (((neocons))) have is that (((they))) are pure psychopaths, and we tend not to expect just how rotten (((they))) are.  I fully expect more such outrages before the war in Ukraine is over.

Nut corner (a tiny bit more circumspect today, as the weight of the negative comments seems to be taking a toll):  "Sanctions, Tanks & the Ukraine Russia War" (Napolitano).

End of the line for The Saker blog:  "Important message about the blog from Andrei".

Did you know Putin invaded Ukraine as he is terrified of Navalny?:  "How Putin made himself Maidan-proof by waging war on Ukraine" (Ragozin).

Canada apparently still has a Charter of Rights, although you wouldn't know it living under the dictator Blackface Trudeau:  "A ‘precedent-setting’ decision rules encampment clearing would violate Charter rights" (Warren).  Municipal politicians and officials often clear out homeless settlements when the developers that they effectively work for complain that the riff raff are lowering the value of local real estate.  It is cheaper to bring the cops in for a mass, often violent, removal rather than build homeless shelters, which suburban taxpayers don't want to pay for.  The judges are gradually creating a new, protected, human right, the 'right to shelter', in Canadian law.  

Coercive diplomacy

"Is Russia Kidnaping Refugees From Bakhmut?" (Lancaster). 

"Interviewing Peter Viggo Jakobsen | Power Balance, War Goals, What's Next?" (Weeb Union).  Coercive diplomacy.  The Ukrainians have the upper hand?  I suppose this is informed, educated, specialist opinion, the product of a remarkable PR campaign.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 30.01.2023" (Military Summary).

"Full Front Update Pt 2 | 30/01/23 | Vuhledar Map Cleared" (Weeb Union).

"Military Reality vs. Political Reality. Putin vs. The West" (The Duran).

An abyss it can refuse

"‘At War with Russia’, Europe Peers Down the Abyss" (Crooke).  We should never lose sight of the fact that Ukraine will lose, Europe has lost, and the Americans will take a big hit to the Empire, while the (((neocons))) could still win.  After all, they have already morgenthaued a willing Germany, and a multi-year vortex of a war could still cause regime change in Russia.

"Size Matters - On A U.S. Ground Intervention In Ukraine" (Moon of Alabama).  No need for Americans as long as there are Poles and Balts ready to be Proxy Army II.  Also, American human military resources need to be preserved for China.

"A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an ‘offer it can’t refuse’" (Escobar).  The complete lack of trust that everybody now has in the word of Americans is starting to take its toll.

"Glenn Diesen: Is NATO helping Ukraine to fight Russia or is it using Ukraine to fight Russia?".  Pocket history of the war.

"Kiev would be planning ethnic cleansing against Hungarians in Transcarpathia" (Leiroz).  'Europe' is very selective in which human beings have human rights.

Besides the usual 'retarded', I get a strong hint of 'serial killer' in this photo:  "Scholz Reportedly Takes Notice of Baerbock’s Mistakes" (Minaev).  Dead, dead eyes.

"The real scandal is overclassification" (Doctorow).  Secrets exist as it is a big status issue to have access to secrets.

"Photographer Who Copied Prince Andrew Photo says it is ‘Not Fake’" (Bandara). Old-school film photo developed at Walgreens.

"The shaming images that show where our iPhones, laptops and Tesla cars REALLY come from: The truth about the Congolese mines where kids are paid $2-a-day to dig for cobalt" (Smith).  

The war that went wrong

"2023.01.30 About The Coming Race Riots" (Lira). 

"Polish MEP, no such thing as Russian gas... Finland blames Russia. Boris, Putin threatened me. U/1" (Christoforou).

This is remarkably stupid throughout, starting with the disproven canard that GDP has anything to do with economic ability:  "Weekend Update #13" (OBrien).

"Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong" (Hedges).

The (((neocons))), as (((they))) always do, are going to try to keep the )))American Establishment((( in the Ukraine war game by pointing to the new profits - in this case from stealing German industry, and selling American weapons and LNG at criminally outrageous prices to Europe - and stating that the Empire will be finished if it suffers the indignity of such a big loss to Russia, even by proxy.  The obvious out is that the Empire has its sights set on China, based on the bizarre idea that China has somehow stolen the manufacturing capability that the US used to have, and the only way for the Empire to regain its dominance is to take China down a number of pegs.  The real problem is that Russia and China keep beating the Americans diplomatically, and assembling a host of allies who are tired of American hectoring couched in troon worship (don't laugh, the 'rules based international order' now turns on little more than not 'misgendering').  Just as an embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan was needed to free up resources for Ukraine, the argument could be made that Ukraine is a guaranteed loser that needs to be dropped in favor of the real strategically important war.  People like Carlson, who seems to directly represent the )))Establishment(((, are already making that argument, as are the people in Washington who are starting to whisper that Ukraine is guaranteed to lose, and it is better to get out now rather than wait for it to become even more embarrassing, on the theory that the stench of defeat doesn't get on you if everybody is distracted by the next war.  The paradox is that the escape from nuclear WWIII against Russia is nuclear WWIII against China.  The upside is that the Americans are not ready for a big war against China (China has the hypersonic, ship-sinking weapons, against which the Americans have no defense), and the Empire is collapsing so rapidly that the issue may become moot by the time WWIII rolls around.  The wild card is those Maxwell videos.  Maybe a name or two will be leaked off the Epstein list, just to keep )))everybody((( in line.

Already lost

Donbass Devushka Podcast with Christoforou, and later, Mercouris. 

"TG 1004: The Origins Of The War In Ukraine Revisited" (The Gaggle).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 340 (29/1): Vuhledar in multiverse; fighting around Kurdyumivka & Ozarianivka" (DPA War).

"Donbass Front Update 30/01/23" (Weeb Union).

"EXPLOSIONS IN IRAN - Explanation" (THETI Mapping).  The (((media))) immediately depicted this as massive attacks in multiple places causing serious damage on Iran, all inflicted by Israel, but it really wasn't much of anything (although the coincidental earthquake was fairly serious).

"The West Has Already Lost" (IEarlGrey on Galloway).  Predictably lively interview.

"Putin just pulled off the ULTIMATE sneak attack against the West | Redacted with Clayton Morris" (Morris).  The ad makes you wonder about the content of the video!

"The truth in Iran EXPOSED as the US pushes to topple government | Redacted with Clayton Morris" (Morris).  "Iran’s Unrest Triggers Explosion of Fake News" (Sadeqi/Weaver).

"William Astore Interview: An Objective Look at U.S. Foreign Policy" (Rachel).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 341."

"Ukraine War Day #341: Earning Redemption With Blood (continued)" (yalensis).  Another interview of an ex-con redeemed through Wagner.

"Untold Reality of Wagner Group in Bakhmut Ukraine, First Hand Account, What the Media Won’t Tell You" (Johnson).

"US provided ‘cover’ for Scholz on tanks – WaPo".  "No, It Didn't." (Martyanov).

"Which Is More Dangerous; Armored Tanks or Think Tanks?" (Bishop).

"Russia’s gas union eyes Pakistan, India" (Bhadrakumar).

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The model of humanity today

"Scott Ritter: We are on the cusp of nuclear war!" (Syriana Analysis).  No new Ritter interview here.

"Scott Ritter: Talks With Marine & Former Deputy About Ukraine/Russia War" (Dougan).  From a week or so ago.

"Western Volunteer in Bakhmut Admits Ukraine is Losing + is the Western Tank Card a Bluff?" (The New Atlas).

"MSM Admits Russia About Capture Bakhmut, Ukraine Vuhledar CounterAttack Fails; US Equipment Crisis" (Mercouris).

Gruesome:  "Ukrainians Cut Off Foreigners’ Heads and Hands to Cover Up Their Numbers and Nationality (18+)" (South Front).  Could be NATO soldiers.

You may call them Nazis, but at least the Ukrainians still sell clothes for Jews:

An expensive mobile coffin

"Live Stream | NATO is going to get us ALL killed | Brian Berletic Cyrus Janssen Alex Reporterfy" (Reporterfy Media & Travel).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 29.01.2023" (Military Summary).

"Truth About Tanks: How NATO Lied Its Way to Disaster in Ukraine" (Ritter).

"Ukraine War Day #340: Earning Redemption With Blood" (yalensis).  A good interview with one of the prisoners who served with Wagner.

The absence of the culture of pragmatism

"2023.01.29 The Israeli Attack On Iran Hurt Israel" (Lira).

"Kurds signal rapprochement with Syrian government" and "Multiple scandals hit the UK" (The Duran).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 339 (28/1): Ukraine repelled Russia from Vuhledar; Russia captured Blahodatne" (DPA War).

"Their casualties are 5-10 times higher than the Ukrainian ones": 

Bad outcomes

"Iran drone strike. UK tank armour secret. Baerbock, Russia twisted my words. Liberate Canada. U/1" (Christoforou). 

"BAKHMUT UPDATE - Russia Advances On Blahodatne" (THETI Mapping).

"Full Front Update | Quick Update | 29/01/23" (Weeb Union).

"Kalibrated Podcast - Andrei Martyanov" (Donbass Devushka).

"Ukraine Getting M1 Abrams And Leopard 2 Tanks Are Just The Start: Training Is The Key" and "What Happens After Ukraine Gets M1 Abrams And Leopard 2 Tanks?" (Davis).  From the second article:

"Once these tanks arrive on station and Ukraine starts to employ them against Russia, what outcome does the White House expect or desire?

The truth is likely that no one in the Administration has bothered to think that far – continuing a bad trend in U.S. foreign policy over the past several decades that has uniformly resulted in bad outcomes for our country."

More accurately, the (((neocons))) don't care about 'bad outcomes' for the US.  American politicians are bribed and blackmailed traitors, who might like to care, but can't. 

"Across The Net." (Martyanov). 

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 340".

"UK Is Worried That Challenger 2 Battle Tanks Promised to Ukraine Will Be Captured by Russian Army" (South Front).

"RAND Think Tank Says Ukraine War No Longer Beneficial for Jewish “Double-Anal Agenda”" (Anglin).

Trump is employing the same basic technique which has won him the last two American Presidential elections, speaking pure common sense (he's not so good at implementation!):

Americans don't care about the borders of Ukraine, and certainly don't want to die in the nuclear war that Brandon is heading towards, but nobody in the whole American political spectrum, such as it is, speaks for them. If Republicans care to put a stop to the ballot box stuffing, Trump will win the next election.

A thread:

Blackface will never be able to appear in a public place in Canada for the rest of his lousy life without a small army of thugs to protect him from a justified greeting by Canadians: 



I know people like Lira and Ritter think Russia will take the whole country, but I think Russia wouldn't be so careful with Ukraine now if that were the plan.  The rump state of Ukraine still has a purpose as a barrier from contact with NATO.  The Russians need to take the entire band across the south to enable it to control the rump state through allowing access to the sea, if the rump state behaves (which is going to be an ongoing issue, as these people are still going to be batshit insane).  Transcarpathia is probably going to have to go to Hungary as the Nazis are demonstrating that they cannot be trusted with enabling minority human rights.  Just as it is so symbolic that the US is led by a dementia patient, it is equally symbolic that the American proxy state consists of a massive collection of absolute assholes.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Hell's vestibule

"Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine & Russia Escalating War!" (Ball). 

"Russia Presses Forward Bakhmut, Vuhledar, Orekhov; Rand Warns US Overinvested in Ukraine" (Mercouris).

American peaceniks have become completely detached from reality, which is Maxwell videos and (((neocons))):  "What Can the United States Bring to the Peace Table for Ukraine?" (Benjamin/Davies).

"Hell's Vestibule" (Dinh). 


"Maria Zakharova, NATO who are you? Explain. CNN, tank victory for Putin. RAND, avoid long war. U/1" (Christoforou). 

"Q & A: NATO wonder weapons" (The Duran).

"Fake Science And War" (Martyanov).

"Poland is NOT becoming a military superpower. But will it intervene in Ukraine?" (The Barricade).  Setting up Poland to be the next proxy.

The timing of the end:  "What’s Next? By Helmholtz Smith".

A thread: 

"Germany Apologizes to Africa for Tweet Suggesting There’s Nothing But Animals There" (Dunderhoff). 

Pathetic little slugs

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 28.01.2023" (Military Summary).

"Full Front Udpate 28/01/23 Part 2 | Zaporizhzhia | Vuhledar | Bakhmut | Short Analysis" (Weeb Union).

"The Russian Battalion Tactical Group w/Alex of Donbass Devushka" (The New Atlas).  Technical discussion of the Russian Battalion Tactical Group with a Russian soldier/tweeter/etc.

"Scott Ritter: Russia Will Destroy Germany & USA Tank$" (The Radical Independent).  The German people = 'pathetic little slugs'.  41:30 - Ritter's near future plans.

"German Tanks Will Once Again Burn in the Steppes of Ukraine" (HistoryLegends).

Still frozen

The scary part isn't that the psycho Baerbock advocates for WWIII, it is that the German people are fine with it, and moving rapidly to the fascist right, a thread: 

I should note that the media in Germany is lying, and poll results can be lies too. 

"Why Is Venezuela’s Gold Still Frozen in the Bank of England?" (McEvoy).  Maybe the politicians and bureaucrats who stole the money can't give it back, because they have already spent it.  I can see Boris doing that.  The one thing Boris has in common with his hero Churchill is that he is always ruinously in debt, and is thus highly manipulable.


  1. why did it take so long for Pelosi to come up with an explanation for what happened (an explanation that appears to conform to the video and audio evidence, so it should have been easy to produce)?;
  2. where were the police who would have always been guarding the house?  did Paul dismiss them?  why?  is this common?  does Nancy's hesitancy to discuss the situation stem from allegations she was behind the lack of increased police presence around the Capitol on 1/6 (which fits with the massive amount of anti-Trump dirty tricks we know the Democrats were engaged in)?; and
  3. why did DePape, a gay, hemp jewelry maker from SF, practically a cliché of a California liberal, albeit with a crazed internet presence, have a homicidal hatred for Nancy Pelosi, of all people? 

"Tempting the Banksters: Zelensky Courts Us Companies" (Kampmark).  So the (((President))) of the country he destroyed, working for a small group of Nazis and the (((neocons))), gives away its corpse to (((banksters))), just like something out of a Nazi cartoon.

100 monkey crash site

"No one believes that the #US stands up for what’s right, the charge sheet has run out of paper" (Galloway).  What can you say?  What an awful country, so awful that almost all the Evil in the world, even done by other countries, flows directly out of American Evil.  And it goes on and on and on and on . . . 

"2023.01.28 The West Has Lost Already" (Lira).

"Scott Ritter on “Le Grand Final” in Ukraine..." (Through the eyes of). 

"Latest Resignation Scandal Reveals Massive Scope of Kiev Regime’s Corruption" (Bosnic).

"While the Auschwitz Museum Reveals Itself as Classless Ingrates, the Biden Administration Doubles Down on Confrontation With Russia" (Johnson).  "‘Biggest Holocaust Massacre'" (Aangirfan).

Rand Reports don't magically appear out of the ether.  Somebody commissioned this one, presumably to provide anti-(((neocon))) talking points.  Unfortunately, the American patriots who try to fight against Wars For The Jews have lost every battle for over twenty years.  Those Maxwell videos have held up very well.

"Ukraine War Day #339: On Mystical Birds And The Carpathian Problem, Part II" (yalensis). 

Painting yourself into the woke corner:

Anything you say is going to offend someone, so I guess we'll just have to stop communicating completely.  Being the most ostentatiously woke has become a competition. 

Reparations are in the air, so it is time for Le Merchant to get in line:  "Would a Middle Eastern and North African Census Category be Good for the Jews?" (Sailer).  Slaves are one thing, but will nobody think of the suffering of the slave traders?

"Eight Killed, Ten Wounded In Jerusalem Synagogue "Terror Attack"" (Durden).  Note the condemnation, but nary a peep over the massacre of similar size in Jenin, which directly led to this massacre.

The second Jewish President of the United States is also the most right-wing President in American history, with an almost comically rotten background:  "Why Zients?" (Sammon).

"Why settlers don’t want annexation — yet" (Amir).

"Pfizer Monkey Business".

That's for sure, but I don't see it as a compliment!:

A thread:

Quislings, compradors, and double-dealing traitors

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 339".

"Naval Battle on Dnieper River: Suicidal Attempts of Ukrainian Offensive" and "Battle for Ugledar Broke Out on Ukrainian Front Lines" and "Ukraine to Get Upgraded Abrams Battle Tanks, but Without Classified Armor" and "White House Refuses to Say if Ukraine Will Get Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammo" (South Front).

"Germany the Weakest Link in NATO’s War Tracks" (Cunningham):

"The whole sordid spectacle of Berlin’s U-turn from brow-beating and hectoring by Poland and the Baltic minions speaks of German humiliation. It does make you wonder what kind of blackmail material the Western intelligence agencies have on Scholz and his government for such a cringe-making capitulation."

"UK and Canada say they will send heavy tanks to Ukraine" (Doctorow).

"Ukraine Claims Orderly Retreat From City It Lost Days Ago" (Moon of Alabama).

"The U.S. And Europe, Like Thelma and Louise, Are Driving off a Cliff" (Johnson).

"OK, Babylon Bee..." (Martyanov).

"Russia open to discuss arms control with US but seeks ‘understanding about the parameters and principles of coexistence’" (Bhadrakumar).

"Tanks for the memories - live with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate" (The Grayzone).  A good episode.

"Ukraine's Three Armies" (Sleboda).

"Full Front Update 28/01/23 | Weapons Overview | Recon in Kharkiv" (Weeb Union).

"Ukraine TINY SITREP (Situation Report) 27/1 : Vuhledar, Bakhmut, Siversk, Kreminna, Kharkiv" (Defense Politics Asia).

"VUHLEDAR: Update and Analysis" (THETI Mapping).

"Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 40: Ask the Inspector" (U.S. Tour of Duty).


More serious brain damage on display, and a horrible, jingoist, educational system. 

"Russian ‘megalomania’ in Ukraine war cited at death camp memorial".

The cost of war:  "Danes ‘furious’ over plan to abolish public holiday to fund defence budget".  Religious holidays don't get any love from the woke.  If you want to keep it, just rename it Troon Worshiping Day (although every day is troon worshiping day). 

Friday, January 27, 2023

The woke empire

"Russia Close to Capture Vuhledar, Launches Big Missile Attack; Blinken, Nuland Floats Peace Offer" (Mercouris).

"Zakharova's POWERFUL Message To Olaf Scholz (EN Translated)" (iEarlGrey).  Part of her mammoth press conference.

"Germany's Greens: From Feminist Foreign Policy to the War Party" (Syriana Analysis).  Another good show.  The Greens seem to be solely a woke party, which means they will resist the obvious, logical joining of Germany with two traditional societies, Russia and China, even if it means destroying Germany in the process.  The environment is obviously not an issue for the Greens.  It is interesting that making Germany permanently subservient to the Americans fits with this, as the Americans now advertise themselves as the woke empire.  Since wokeness is definitely not leading to social cohesion, I suspect we'll see the traditional societies make short work of the woke.

"Ukraine, Tanks & Putin - w/ Scott Ritter" (Napolitano).

"Ukraine Recaptures Vuhledar | Fighting Intensifies in Luhansk | Full Front Update 27/01/23 PT2" (Weeb Union).

Pelosi DePape

 The dump of audio and visual material on the Paul Pelosi matter:

This scenario still makes little sense (particularly the hammer attack right after the police arrived, but maybe it can be explained by the fact that the attacker was angry that Pelosi did in fact get the police to come), but it appears the police acted well, and the phone call is obviously Pelosi trying to get the police to come without actually asking them to come (fortunately the dispatcher eventually read the situation, and sent the police in the nick of time).  The big question is still how does an attacker noisily whack away at the door for a while without any of the federal police doing anything about it.  The only logical scenario I can think of is that Pelosi told Nancy's guards to disappear so he could get up to something in private, DePape just happened to come along at that time, broke in, and then Paul managed to convince DePape he had to call the police or they would come automatically, then, with DePape listening, Pelosi tried to call for help, while seeming not to want help.  So the basic Pelosi story, that DePape was actually looking for Nancy, is fundamentally true, but they needed to obscure the problem of why the federal police weren't there.  It would seem that they have to prevent family of people under protection from calling off the guards, even if they want privacy.

Hive of scum and villainy

"This Time It’s Different" (Macgregor).

"Ukraine - RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War" (Moon of Alabama).

"Considering the Invasions of Panama and Ukraine" (Petersen).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 27.01.2023" (Military Summary).

"Scott Ritter: "Tanks But No Tanks"‼️" (RealTruthTalk).

"Liberators of #Auschwitz banned. Perpetrators of the Holocaust welcomed." (Galloway).

"Did you order the Code Red? You're damn right I did!" (The Duran).

""Madness": France, Croatia Deny 'West At War With Russia' After German Foreign Minister Sparks Outrage" (Durden).

"USAID Quietly Unveils Plans to Export Ukraine’s Digital Governance Model Around World" (Corbishley).  Digital fascism.  It is weird to use a spectacularly failing state as your demonstration model.

Taibbi's new thread on the Hamilton 68 part of Russiagate, consisting of allegations of Russia using Twitter to manipulate US politics (which Twitter employees knew at the time was a lie):

A flaming dumpster rolling down the street

"'Doomsday Clock': 90 Seconds to Midnight" (Escobar). 

Despite his incoherence at answering the questions thrown at him by Engler, Bob Rae is actually a world class debater, but obviously, from this tweet, not much of a diplomat, politician, or human being.

"Imperialist Democracy: Apical Nazism" (Velloso).

"Children Being Targeted In Ukraine Warzone" (Lancaster).

These crooked liars are back, I assume to set the groundwork for some kind of NATO/Ze false flag attack on civilians in Ukraine:  "OPCW blames Syria gov’t for 2018 chlorine gas attack in Douma".

It is very, very difficult to believe that these charming people, who are on yet another rampage of killing, have only been kicked out of 109 countries:  "Israeli lawmaker tweets 'keep killing them' after deadly Jenin raid".  A thread:

Very interesting thread on Twitter: 

The Koran burner: 

People who identify as French

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 338". 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Ukraine will define winning. Regime change Lukashenko. Putin is a nobody. Croatia not at war. U/1" (Christoforou).

"Ukraine War Update 26/1 - Vuhledar, Marinka, Bakhmut, Bilohorivka, Siversk, Kreminna, Kupyansk" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine Russia War - How I understand it" (Napolitano).  Good summary.

"An update about the blog" (The Saker).  Contingency plans for when WWIII starts.

I think she's been eating the cookies she used to give out at the Maidan:

The next part of the 1950s London nightclub story, the culling before organized crime completely took over:  "Black Hand: The London Night Club Trap" (Vedmore). 

I wouldn't believe Jeff Stein as far as I could throw him, but here is what I guess is the CIA spin:  "Secret Agent Man: The Mysterious Charlie McGonigal".  Frankly, this looks like part of an operation, perhaps on his own accord without authorization.  That will be his defense, anyway.

"Donziger: Assange Case a Fraud From A to Z".

"Leaked files: How Britain trains Jordan to spy on its citizens" (Klarenberg).

"People with Frenchness" (Sailer).

The ongoing relevance of Russiagate

"Ukraine War Day #338: On Mystical Birds And The Carpathian Problem, Part I." (yalensis). 

"US to Send Abrams Tanks to Ukraine: Will it make any Difference?" (Berletic).  "NATO at “War With Russia” as Western Main Battle Tanks Are Sent to Ukraine to Enable It to “Win This War”" (Tressell).

"Ukraine Command and Coordination Architecture in Bakhmut" and "War to Last Ukrainian Accelerates – Pressgangs Kidnap Men for Front (Overview, Videos)" (South Front).

"Full Front Update 27/01/23" (Weeb Union).

"[ Battle of Vuhledar ] Russian forces entered Vuhledar at pumping station, from "dachas" in the East" (DPA War).

"Scott Ritter: Talks About Wagner Group!"  (RealTruthTalk).

"Scott Ritter: Talks Ukraine/Russia - Geopolitical & Military Analyst" (acTVism Munich).

A thread:

Meanwhile, in the bribed and blackmailed world:  "Nuland: Sanctions against the Russian Federation may be eased if it withdraws its forces from Ukraine" and "International war crime tribunal for Russian atrocities may launch in summer".


The Clintonistas take a victory lap over the extremely odd collapse of the investigations of Durham:  "How Barr’s Quest to Find Flaws in the Russia Inquiry Unraveled" (Savage/Goldman/Benner).  Note that the JYT can't be bothered to mention the statute of limitations problem that Durham faced with respect to Sussman:  "Michael Sussmann's not guilty verdict wasn't a surprise. Here's why" (McCarthy). 

"Trump blasts Biden over tanks for Ukraine and calls for end to ‘crazy war’ to repel Russian invasion" (Goldiner).  You can see why all those ballot boxes needed to be stuffed so the (((neocons))) could get their war.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

His most obnoxious smirk

This is the article Mercouris was referring to:  "West risks war with Russia over escalating military aid" (Roberts). 

Holy hell!:  "Scott Ritter: Interview With Viktor Bout/The Real Truth behind the case of Viktor Bout!".  Excellent interview.

"Russians Have Every Right to Hate The US, but They don't Use it • Scott Ritter • Periscope Depth" (Zolotarev).

"East Versus West (Energies and Realities); Chat With @Iearlgreytv" (Through the eyes of).

"Mainstream Media Covid Meltdown With Kit Klarenberg - #064 - Stay Free With Russell Brand".  Decent show.  Klarenberg is on at 41:00.

"The Difference." (Martyanov).

"The Sect" (Dionisio).  The 'leaders' of the Collective West follow the dictates of the Empire like a religious cult.  The bizarre way they fall in line, and shun anyone who is even slightly out of line, should appear very odd to us.  This is enforced, obviously, by blackmail and bribery.  Is there any fix short of guillotines.  Unlikely.

"George Soros Urged Use Of Eastern European Soldiers To "Reduce The Risk Of Body-Bags For NATO Countries" In 'New World Order' Article" (Cody):

"In the piece, he outlines how Eastern Europeans could be used as the “manpower” in coming conflicts in an effort to reduce the number of deaths in Western countries, which Soros argues the West would not politically tolerate, unlike the east of Europe.

“The United States would not be called upon to act as the policeman of the world. When it acts, it would act in conjunction with others. Incidentally, the combination of manpower from Eastern Europe with the technical capabilities of NATO would greatly enhance the military potential of the Partnership because it would reduce the risk of body bags for NATO countries, which is the main constraint on their willingness to act. This is a viable alternative to the looming world disorder,” wrote Soros in the article.

Soros acknowledges that the NATO countries have no appetite for “body bags,” but his statement implicitly indicates that Eastern Europeans can fill this role.

What Soros described appears to be unfolding exactly as he predicted regarding the war in Ukraine. Armed with high-end NATO weapons, Ukrainian soldiers are actively countering Russia, which Soros had already feared would become a nationalist nation opposed to the global order he was promoting in 1993. The powerful Western countries have the necessary weapons, and Ukraine has the manpower. Given that Soros already saw the potential of what this symbiotic match could produce on the battlefield decades in advance will likely bolster his reputation as a calculating — and perhaps ruthless — strategic thinker.

As Soros predicted, Ukrainian society appears to be tolerating the high death toll in its current conflict with Russia. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. lost 58,220 over the course of approximately 10 years, and yet, the war saw strong opposition from the American public. Despite a far higher death toll in a far shorter period of time, Ukrainian society has seen little in terms of protests."


"The original mission was to defend the free world against the Soviet empire. That mission is obsolete; but the collapse of the Soviet empire has left a security vacuum which has the potential of turning into a “black hole.” This presents a different kind of threat than the Soviet empire did. There is no direct threat from the region to the NATO countries; the danger is within the region, and it concerns conditions within states as much as relationships between states. Therefore, if NATO has any mission at all, it is to project its power and influence into the region, and the mission is best defined in terms of open and closed societies.

Closed societies based on nationalist principles constitute a threat to security because they need an enemy, either outside or within. But the threat is very different in character from the one NATO was constructed to confront, and a very different approach is required to combat this threat. It involves the building of democratic states and open societies and embedding them in a structure which precludes certain kinds of behavior.

Soros also writes in his piece that NATO was racing to grant membership to countries in Central and Eastern Europe before “Russia recovers.” Soros appears to see NATO as actively transgressing against Russia during a time the country was still in chaos following the fall of communism.

“The countries of Central Europe are clamoring for full membership of NATO as soon as possible, preferably before Russia recovers. Russia objects, not because it harbors any designs on its former empire but because it sees no advantage in consenting. Its national pride has been hurt and it is sick and tired of making concessions without corresponding benefits,” writes Soros.

The billionaire activist also makes a number of other proposals in the piece, including offering NATO membership to Japan, his goal being the creation of a “new world order.”

Japan should be asked to join NATO. Then we would have the beginnings of an architecture for a new world order. It is based on the United States as the remaining superpower and on open society as the organizing principle. It consists of a series of alliances, the most important of which is NATO and, through NATO, the Partnership for Peace which girds the Northern Hemisphere,” he writes.

"Blackjack at the Forefront. Us Army Strengthens Its Presence in Poland" (Messina). 

"Leopards vs. the Russian Bear" (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)).

"Toponym and Identity Wars" (Karganovic).

"Spain Debunks Russiagate like New York Times Letter Bomb Story" (Moon of Alabama).

99% lying is still a bad business strategy, even in 'journalism':  "‘This will not be easy’: Postmedia to layoff 11 per cent of its journalists amid ‘extremely turbulent’ time" (Leavitt).  Pugliese is still solid, but is alone.

He can no longer show his blackface in public:  "Justin Trudeau Called A Tyrant As He Is Swarmed By Angry Mandate Protesters" (Durden).  "Justin Trudeau won’t discuss his approval ratings — but some Liberals are wondering if his message needs to change" (MacCharles).  "Chris Selley: Justin Trudeau seems to be losing the plot":

"“You see the populists shouting ‘freedom, freedom, freedom’ without really understanding that the freedom to marry the man or the woman you want, the freedom to choose whether you want to have an abortion or not, these are much more fundamental freedoms than my freedom to walk around unvaccinated on a plane,” Trudeau averred.

Article content

What on earth did the Freedom Convoy have to do with abortion or same-sex marriage? It’s as though the prime minister has conjured a sort of all-purpose bogeyman representing non-Liberal voters: They hate abortion, gays, vaccines and minorities. Their only saving grace is being uncomplicatedly wicked, and their opinions thus not worthy of a moment’s consideration.

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the Angus Reid Institute found a whopping 91 per cent of Canadians, if appointed justice minister, would either leave Canada’s legal vacuum on abortion alone (34 per cent) or “introduce legislation to guarantee access to abortion” (57 per cent). Just nine per cent said they would introduce legislation to restrict abortion. That number rose no higher in any province than 15 per cent, in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In every other province, at least 90 per cent would leave it alone or legislate abortion rights. Among Conservative voters, the figure was 86 per cent.

Article content

Same-sex marriage has been a non-issue in Canadian politics for years. In 2019, Ipsos found 75 per cent of Canadians supported same-sex marriage. Of the 27 countries Ipsos surveyed, only the Netherlands (84 per cent), Sweden (79 per cent) and Spain (76 per cent) had as much support or more.

As for having to be vaccinated to get on a plane, that rule expired six months ago. Because Trudeau’s government let it expire.

In short we’re dealing with a government that doesn’t seem to understand its opposition, doesn’t seem to understand the country and — as always — is far too consumed with its own inherent virtue to see the cliff coming before it’s too late. At the rate the Liberals are going, leadership change may rapidly become much less a thought experiment and much more a burning necessity."

It seems likely the Liberals will dump him and run The Nazi, which will be hilarious (although by that time The Nazi may be working on facilitating the nuclear destruction of Europe, her true calling), and he is keeping up appearances so as not to be seen as the lame duck that he is.  His job isn't over, as he still has traditional freedoms to curtail and destroy.  This absolute piece of shit is easily the worst PM in Canadian history.