Thursday, January 12, 2023

Brandon versus the 'Joe Biden' actors

Sometimes (((Brandon's teleprompter))) actually brings out the dementia patient, Brandon, the real Joe Biden, to play President, and sometimes (((Brandon's teleprompter))) uses one of a panel of actors.  They use one of the actors so much he has become the face of the President, even though he is not.

One of the actors, crisp and sharp, although obviously relying on something on his podium:  "Joe Biden ‘surprised’ that classified documents were found at former office".

Brandon, the man born Joe Biden, is here on Galloway's show at 10:25.  I'm sorry, but these are two different people, not even close.  It is a little bit like the reverse of The Picture of Dorian Gray (where the subject stayed young looking, even as the portrait showed the ravages of time).  The actor has had plastic surgery to resemble the original Joe Biden of a couple years ago, but, as Brandon continues to deteriorate, the simulacrum no longer looks like the original.

Not having a real President allows the (((neocons))) to run buck wild throughout the world, creating mayhem and perhaps nuclear WWIII, if they think it benefits Israel.

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