Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ready to conquer Russia

"Zaporizhzhia | Vuhledar | Donetsk | Front Updates | Germany AND USA Allow Tanks to Ukraine | 24/1/23" and "Full Front Update and Analysis 25/1/23" (Weeb Union). 

"Andrei Martyanov and I Chat With Tommy Carrigan" (Johnson).

From about a week ago:  "Scott Ritter: NATO is a Suicide Pill for the World… Pray that Russia Wins" (Cunningham).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 336".

"Halt This Crazy Rush to All-Out War" (Margolis).

"The war in Ukraine to maintain the European Union under tutelage" (Meyssan).

"90 Seconds to Midnight?" (Ritter).  It was completely clear that The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is a complete fraud when it moved the clock forward just because of Trump, when Trump was the least bellicose President in decades and decades.

"Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat" (The Saker).  "Excellent Piece From Andrei Raevsky." (Martyanov).

Added:  "Will M1 Abrams And Leopard 2 Tanks Win The War For Ukraine?" (Davis) (part one of three).

"Two Decades of Aggravating Russia - A Washington Pastime" (Viable Opposition).

"Meta Welcomes Neo-Nazi Azov Regiment Back On Facebook, Removes "Dangerous Organization" Listing" (Durden).

The fussing of Scholz was all a ruse, as the decision had long been made:

Give up your gas stoves, peasants!: 

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