Monday, January 30, 2023

Right to shelter

"Scott Ritter: Ukraine/Russia Escalation" (Gegenpol).  More yelling at Germans.

"WSJ Admits Bakhmut Almost Cut Off, Russia Pushes Forward Vuhledar; US Military Wants End Ukraine War" (Mercouris).  Criticizing the sacred War on Terror as weakening the US?!  Where would anybody get a crazy idea like that?

"We are risking nuclear war over Ukraine! Interview with Colonel Richard Black" (Syriana Analysis).  Excellent interview.  Black pulls no punches!  He is one of those guys who say true things that you don't expect to hear.  Note the 'heat signature' of the Abrams (of course, not really an issue as those tanks will never arrive in Ukraine and are probably intended for Poland).  [Note:  this video seems to have disappeared, perhaps because the audio is being edited, and I will re-up the link later.]  Link now works.

Blowing up the port in Beirut really reminds me of the ruthlessness of blowing up Nord Stream, and it is by exactly the (((same people))).  One of the biggest advantages the (((neocons))) have is that (((they))) are pure psychopaths, and we tend not to expect just how rotten (((they))) are.  I fully expect more such outrages before the war in Ukraine is over.

Nut corner (a tiny bit more circumspect today, as the weight of the negative comments seems to be taking a toll):  "Sanctions, Tanks & the Ukraine Russia War" (Napolitano).

End of the line for The Saker blog:  "Important message about the blog from Andrei".

Did you know Putin invaded Ukraine as he is terrified of Navalny?:  "How Putin made himself Maidan-proof by waging war on Ukraine" (Ragozin).

Canada apparently still has a Charter of Rights, although you wouldn't know it living under the dictator Blackface Trudeau:  "A ‘precedent-setting’ decision rules encampment clearing would violate Charter rights" (Warren).  Municipal politicians and officials often clear out homeless settlements when the developers that they effectively work for complain that the riff raff are lowering the value of local real estate.  It is cheaper to bring the cops in for a mass, often violent, removal rather than build homeless shelters, which suburban taxpayers don't want to pay for.  The judges are gradually creating a new, protected, human right, the 'right to shelter', in Canadian law.  

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