Sunday, January 15, 2023

Situation is out of control

"Scott Ritter: We Are On The CUSP Of Thermonuclear War !!! Situation Is Out Of Control". 

This guy is full of shit - just to start, the people in Asia, including Xi, and South America are demonstrably more responsible than we have been, and he promotes the kind of Boris Johnson logic that since I am an asshole, everybody else must be one too (but I applaud his mocking of the woke) - but you have to admire the debating skillz:

A tour de force at describing the utter bullshit that is Zionism:  "Biblical myths justifying conquest of Palestine belong in dustbin of history" (Massad).  Notice how many component arrows in the Zionist quiver are simply lies.  Not one part of their self-justifications for murder and land theft is true.   I should note that Khazars are a real thing, and the people who run Israel are genetically Khazars, and absolutely not Semites, and thus have no connection to the land they are stealing.  None!  There are multiple layers to their complete lack of any rights to the land.

"New history challenges Israel’s hold on western imagination" (France).  Lie upon lie refuted.  The sheer chutzpah causes people to doubt what is right in front of them:

"It is overwhelming to take in the spectacular violence, the lies and tricks, the exuberant intimidation, and the absolute dedication of the Zionists over decades. But we should be overwhelmed if we are to get a sense of the bewilderment of the Palestinians, the British, the many non-Zionist Jews, and eventually much of the world, at the birth of Israel. The book pulls us along through wave after wave of deceptions, bombings, shootings, clever escapes, daring infiltrations, denials, accusations, obfuscations, demands, mad propaganda, and intimidation that break over the land. We see the Palestinians provoked into the doomed, desperate 1936-1939 revolt against the British and their Zionist clients. Next, the British are beaten down and terrorized until they give up the mandate. All this before the Nakba erupted."

and (but read the whole thing, for other examples):

"The Zionists were eager to highlight the desperate plight of the Jews of Europe but not to alleviate it (except by immigration to Palestine). So, the (Zionist) Board of Deputies of British Jews, aided by Stephen Wise, the American president of the (Zionist) World Jewish Congress, torpedoed a 1943 effort in Parliament, led by Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld, to get Jews out of Axis territory and over to England. The next year, Zionist leaders blocked a vast plan blessed by President Franklin Roosevelt and the British government to resettle hundreds of thousands of mostly Jewish refugees. “The dominant vocal Jewish [Zionist] leadership of America won’t stand for it,” Roosevelt told an incredulous adviser, Morris Ernst. When Ernst still tried to lobby influential Zionist friends, he was called a traitor. The problem, of course, was that the refugees’ destination would not be Palestine. Similarly, the Zionists fought to block Jewish orphans from being adopted by European families (Jewish families in many cases). After the war, they even engineered the forcible removal of many Jewish orphans from adoptive homes in which they wished to remain." 

"Bibi and his associate, Itamar Ben-Gvir" (Balawi).  You may have noticed that the Jewish political situation in 'Israel' always gets more and more Evil, and the Evil is accelerating.  The Lite Zionists who pretend to wring their hands at each terrible step are there to grease the skids with their phony tears.

Typical imperial fuckery:  "The Winds of the New Cold War Are Howling in the Arctic Circle" (Prashad).

Look at Bill while Killary rants, you almost have to feel sorry for him!:

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