Sunday, January 29, 2023

The model of humanity today

"Scott Ritter: We are on the cusp of nuclear war!" (Syriana Analysis).  No new Ritter interview here.

"Scott Ritter: Talks With Marine & Former Deputy About Ukraine/Russia War" (Dougan).  From a week or so ago.

"Western Volunteer in Bakhmut Admits Ukraine is Losing + is the Western Tank Card a Bluff?" (The New Atlas).

"MSM Admits Russia About Capture Bakhmut, Ukraine Vuhledar CounterAttack Fails; US Equipment Crisis" (Mercouris).

Gruesome:  "Ukrainians Cut Off Foreigners’ Heads and Hands to Cover Up Their Numbers and Nationality (18+)" (South Front).  Could be NATO soldiers.

You may call them Nazis, but at least the Ukrainians still sell clothes for Jews:

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