Monday, January 30, 2023

The war that went wrong

"2023.01.30 About The Coming Race Riots" (Lira). 

"Polish MEP, no such thing as Russian gas... Finland blames Russia. Boris, Putin threatened me. U/1" (Christoforou).

This is remarkably stupid throughout, starting with the disproven canard that GDP has anything to do with economic ability:  "Weekend Update #13" (OBrien).

"Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong" (Hedges).

The (((neocons))), as (((they))) always do, are going to try to keep the )))American Establishment((( in the Ukraine war game by pointing to the new profits - in this case from stealing German industry, and selling American weapons and LNG at criminally outrageous prices to Europe - and stating that the Empire will be finished if it suffers the indignity of such a big loss to Russia, even by proxy.  The obvious out is that the Empire has its sights set on China, based on the bizarre idea that China has somehow stolen the manufacturing capability that the US used to have, and the only way for the Empire to regain its dominance is to take China down a number of pegs.  The real problem is that Russia and China keep beating the Americans diplomatically, and assembling a host of allies who are tired of American hectoring couched in troon worship (don't laugh, the 'rules based international order' now turns on little more than not 'misgendering').  Just as an embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan was needed to free up resources for Ukraine, the argument could be made that Ukraine is a guaranteed loser that needs to be dropped in favor of the real strategically important war.  People like Carlson, who seems to directly represent the )))Establishment(((, are already making that argument, as are the people in Washington who are starting to whisper that Ukraine is guaranteed to lose, and it is better to get out now rather than wait for it to become even more embarrassing, on the theory that the stench of defeat doesn't get on you if everybody is distracted by the next war.  The paradox is that the escape from nuclear WWIII against Russia is nuclear WWIII against China.  The upside is that the Americans are not ready for a big war against China (China has the hypersonic, ship-sinking weapons, against which the Americans have no defense), and the Empire is collapsing so rapidly that the issue may become moot by the time WWIII rolls around.  The wild card is those Maxwell videos.  Maybe a name or two will be leaked off the Epstein list, just to keep )))everybody((( in line.

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