Monday, February 06, 2023

A Profile In Chutzpah

"WAR UPDATE: Bakhmut Being ENVELOPED From 3 Axes" (THETI Mapping). 

"Full Front Update 06/02/23" (Weeb Union).

"NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine?" (The Grayzone).  Note the mention at the end of the use of false flags in past conflicts when the Empire wanted to increase its intervention.

"Is Rep. Ihan Omar an imperialist?" (The Grayzone).  It is odd that the one anti-imperialist position ever taken by Ihan 'Uncle Tom' Omar is against the Lobby, and that is what got her canned.  Her weird marital/immigration status seems to keep her completely controlled, except for the one issue that everybody in Congress pays attention to.

From a month ago:  "WAR & WORLD ECONOMICS | Jeffrey Sachs | AHI Podcast #13" (Al Hakam Inspire Podcast).

"Earthquake. Kiev, rumours of another shake up. EU warns Georgia to not open flights. U/1" (Christoforou).

"Ukraine War Day #348: Zelensky – A Profile In Chutzpah" (yalensis).  "'I'm Not Hiding': Zelensky Leaves Bunker to Taunt Putin From Kyiv Office" (Thomas).

A thread:

Another slight bending of the wall of lies put up by the western media on Ukraine: 

A thread (and Ukraine's official population - the reality is much less - is less than a third of Russia's, so on a per capita basis it is more like 25-1 or even 30-1): 

Regime change in Kiev, as the (((neocons))) remove the 'wets'): 

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