Monday, February 06, 2023

Elderly big, bad wolf

Ah yes, the inscrutable (((Chinese))). Note, Anglin appears to have pulled this tweet.

"LIVE from Ukraine - Matt VanDyke" (Napolitano).  Note the crazy Polish annexation theory, which I have seen nowhere else, at the beginning.  Napolitano asks difficult questions, and VanDyke is slowly becoming a little less overtly confident.

"Preparing for the next winter: Europe’s gas outlook for 2023" (McWilliams/Tagliapietra/Zachmann/Deschuyteneer).  Very optimistic.

"Germany Considers Diverting Anti-Coal 'Green' Subsidies To Weapons Production" (Durden).  Pretty much sums up the German Green Party of today.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 348".

"Is the U.S. An Elderly Big, Bad Wolf?" (Johnson).  This isn't a bad thing unless the inability of the US to fight a conventional war forces them prematurely to go nuclear.

"Gmail’s Czech Election Campaign Interference".  The Czechs just elected an actual former NATO General to the largely ceremonial position of President (so much for all those early anti-war protests).

"European Union urges intensification of Ukraine war" (Schwarz):

"Von der Leyen announced three months ago that she wanted to confiscate frozen Russian assets and make them available to Ukraine, a plan supported by several EU representatives. In the EU alone, around €300 billion of the Russian Central Bank’s foreign exchange reserves have been frozen.

However, the operation is encountering difficulties under international law. If the principle of state immunity is violated and property protection is called into question, according to international law expert Marc Bungenberg, the US could also be prosecuted for the Iraq war. “Then other countries might be encouraged to seize the assets of Western companies—and, if available, central banks as well,” he said."

On the bright side, they won't need to ship it back:

""Confidential Letters": FTX Demands Politicians Return Millions In SBF Donations" (Durden). 

"Earthquake Damage In Syria Must Lead To Sanction Relief" (Moon of Alabama).  Not likely.  The (((neocons))) will be dancing around their offices in joy.  Seriously, they will be doing stolen Palestinians dance moves.  Russia and China and Iran will help.  The world will watch.

"Secret Societies" (Aangirfan).  There is a very good Wikipedia entry on this.


"Garland Nixon: Talks Ballon, Ukraine/Russia & China!" (Galloway).  More discussion of Trump running as the anti-war candidate.

"NYT Plants False Claims Over China's Balloon Communication" (Moon of Alabama).  Around here, we've been having an extremely mild winter, except for a couple of recent days when the jet stream got pushed south and we got a taste of some arctic air.  We reached minus 31 Celsius, a bit much even for us.

"CNN Confirmed That The Balloon Incident Was A Defining Moment In The New Cold War" (Korybko).  The (((neocons))) managed to swerve around the Holocaust of détente with China.

"America’s balloon obsession is an attempt to prevent detente with China" (Bosnic).

"Biden bullies China. But it won’t work" (Bhadrakumar):

"Evidently, the Biden Administration realised that one main objective of Blinken’s trip to Beijing — ie., to weaken the Sino-Russian axis — was going to be a non-starter. The US’ sustained efforts to turn the Ukraine conflict as a tool to sabotage China-Russia relations have failed spectacularly. The economic and military ties between Beijing and Moscow are only  growing stronger. President Xi Jinping’s expected visit to Russia in spring heralds the steady upward trajectory of in the “no limits” partnership. 

Lavrov captured the verve of the Russian-Chinese partnership when he said in a TV interview on Friday that “although we do not create a military alliance, our relations are of a higher quality than military alliances in their classic sense, and they have no bounds or limits. And there are no taboo topics either. They are indeed the best in the history of both the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China, and the Russian Federation.” 

In reality, Russia and China are optimally acting out of their national interests. Thus, Russia sees the US as an “enemy” that (foolishly) seeks its destruction and dismemberment, while the US, for China, is but a rival and potential opponent. A Moscow pundit Dmitri Trenin caught the subtle nuances recently when he wrote, 

“This is not enough to form a military alliance between Moscow and Beijing. China naturally values its economic interests in US and European markets, and Beijing may change its mind in favour of a military alliance only if Washington becomes its enemy. For the sake of Russia alone, China is not willing to take this step.” 

The balloon affair can be regarded as a defining moment. It exposes that while China was approaching Blinken’s visit in good faith with the purpose of finding constructive ways forward, Washington didn’t view things the same way."

The US is going to have to find a casus belli to start WWIII.  Merely saying Chinese manufacturers outfoxed our billionaires to provide you with cheap consumer goods would be a hard sell to the American people, and the sacred borders of Taiwan are very, very far away. 

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