Sunday, February 05, 2023

Land theft, belligerence and erasure

"[ Battle of Bakhmut ] Fighting reported at Stupka district in North Bakhmut; Ukraine reinforce city!" and "[ Kupyansk Front ] Russia semi-encircled Dvorichne, attacks Hryanykivka & Horobivka" and "[ Donetsk Front ] Russian Forces attacks Paraskovivka (south of Pobjeda), bypassing Novomykhalivka" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 345-346 (3-4/2): Russia Winter Offensives seemed to be underway.... or is it?" (DPA  War).  The Russians are on the run, forward.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 347".

Needless to say, (((Blinken))) hates Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and the USA, with a flaming passion:

"Is the War in Ukraine Nearing the Culminating Point?" (Johnson).

American promises are worthless, a fact which has started to cost them:

"The Mass Media Used To Publish Perspectives On Ukraine That They Would Never Publish Today" (Johnstone).

"Escalation to World War III and the British establishment" (Krainer).  LaRouchian feel to this, which doesn't mean it is wrong.  Still, it is the 'Americans' - (((neocons))) - who are the real instigators here.

"Cancel Culture, Round Three: Get Out of My Damn Backpack" (Ritter).  The only way to fight this is to identify, and permanently counter-cancel (based narrowly on the ultimate crime of attempted cancellation), anybody who tries this.  The baddies have two weapons, gaslighting, as seen recently in Taibbi's Twitter revelations, and cancellation.  If it was a 'libertarian' behind this, what kind of libertarian engages in cancel culture?  A phony one.

"Jewish National Fund: A century of land theft, belligerence and erasure" (Massad).  

"A Legacy of Canadian Intervention in Haiti, 20 Years On" (Saint-Vil).

I'm getting the feeling the people of Peru are going to prevail:

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