Friday, February 10, 2023

Loudly and often

"Zelensky the Man to Destroy the Future of the Entire World" (Armstrong). 

"We are already at war with Russia" (Fazi).

"How Did the German Greens Become the Party of Warmongers?" (Gallagher).  Note that Germany already had the "many impossible things" that Joffe scoffs at, but gave them all away.  The Greens are no more than a conspiracy plot dressed as a political party.

"The Calamity of America’s ‘Divine Mission’" (Fein).  This, of course, misses the essential component, (((group supremacism)))  and (((empire building))).  The irony is that the chosen manipulate Americans into doing evil deeds for them by convincing Americans that they are the chosen, anointed by G_d to stick their noses in everywhere, killing black and brown and now sometimes white people to do 'good'.  Kagan writes a paean to parasitism and its tricks.

"China Rejects "Shoot First, Talk Later" Attitude" (Moon of Alabama):

"Why hadn't the U.S. defense secretary called the Chinese defense minister before shooting down the Chinese weather ballon?"

This incident is part of one of those curiosities of American domestic politics, the necessity for window dressing for the State of the Union.

"The Biden Administration Is Lying About the Chinese Balloon" (Johnson).

"INTERVIEW: People who survived the earthquake are dying under rubble because they can’t be rescued" (Galloway interview of Hadi Nasrallah).  The sanctions exist solely as the Syrian people stubbornly persist in living on land the Khazars intend to steal, and (((donors))) and Maxwell blackmail videos control American politicians.  That is the simple truth.

"Mainstream media finally calls BS on Russiagate" (The Grayzone).   "Columbia Journalism Review’s Big Fail: It Published 24,000 Words on Russiagate and Missed the Point" (Corn).  (((Corn))) and (((Isikoff))) literally started Russiagate, one of the reasons for which was to lead to the war on Ukraine to lead to regime change in Russia, all because Putin committed the ultimate crime of stopping regime change in Syria.

"Mercenary Mozart Group crumbles under founder's weight" (The Grayzone).

It must be sobering for untrained Ukrainian soldiers entering the 'meatgrinder' to realize that the most important thing they are carrying into combat are the Israeli containers for human organs, some of which may turn out to be their own:  "Most Lucrative Business Flourishing in War-Torn Ukraine" (South Front).  You can see why the Ukrainian government doesn't mind those high casualty rates as long as the internal organs aren't blown up too much.  I wonder if the Israeli doctors give you a discount if you buy a liver with shrapnel in it.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 352".

"Ukraine War Day #352: A Master Class In Chinese/Russian Relations" (yalensis).

2015 interview of Michael Hudson, Jeffrey Sommers, and James Carden :  "The US Is Antagonizing Russia in Ukraine" (The Nation).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 351 (9/2): Russia captured Dvorichne and Horobivka in the Kupyansk Offensive" (DPA War).

"Full Front Update 10/02/23 | Russian Breakthrough West of Vuhledar" (Weeb Union).

"WAR UPDATE: Russia CUTTING OFF Paraskoviivka" (THETI Mapping).

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