Friday, February 24, 2023

Moscovites to the knife!

"Russia-Ukraine War: One Year Into Conflict and No Closer to Peace" (BreakThrough News),  Starts at 15:00.  Prashad on Ukraine starts at 48:35.  The first section is on various slanders against North Korea.

"Let's talk about the news (Live)" (The Duran).

"Why F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine Exposes NATO’s Weak Hand" (Berletic).

"U.S. Hegemony - At War With China's Global Security Initiative" (Moon of Alabama). 

"War and Indifference" (Napolitano).

"Ukraine War Day #366: Why Russia Fights, Part I" (yalensis).

"The West severely miscalculated the geopolitical ramifications of the war in Ukraine" (Adel).

"Don’t despair: the world order is changing, but it is not collapsing" (Robinson).

"Insects, Real and Human" and "Mother of Disaster Comedies" (Dinh).

"Black Hand – A Match Made in Hell" (Vedmore).  More on the nightclubs of London.

Dangerous ideas below:

"Woman Activist Pretending to be “Moslem Asian Arab” Outed by Mother as White" (Baker):

"The other thing here is: why are you allowed to change your sex but not your race?

Neo-Nazis (feminists) will rage when you say it, but it’s simply a biological fact that there is a much bigger difference between a white man and a white woman than there is between a white man and a black man.

Changing sex is a much bigger leap in terms of basic scientific facts than changing race.

Why not embrace trans-racialism?

Is it because the affirmative action programs would stop functioning if genetic whites were able to apply as trans-niggas?"

Quite the essay (the idea that everybody is entitled not to be offended might be the biggest problem):  "Rolling Stone Argues In Favor Of Authoritarian Cancel Culture – Here's Why They're Wrong" (Durden). 

"“Wokeness” vs “Wokeism”: Soros and the Devil" (Papalia).

"The Crisis of Liberal Modernity and the Totalitarian Response" (Moeini).

"The Crusades of the Virtuous" (Hoppe).

"Four Reasons Why Heterodox Academy Failed" (Cofnas).  Cofnas is the anti-woke-establishment data warrior.

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