Monday, February 06, 2023

Offensive imminent

"Monday 6th February 2023 - LIVE" (iEarlGrey).  It has appeared! I would think that if the Russians found a NATO soldier not in NATO uniform, claiming to be a merc, and could identify the soldier as a NATO soldier, they might choose to treat the individual as outside the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, essentially a spy.

"Kiev purge continues. Polish PM, West vs. Russia" (The Duran).  Discussion of those mysterious remarks from Poland.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.02.06" (Military Summary).

"All Western Governments, News Media, and Think-Tanks agree: Major Russian Offensive Imminent" (NWE War Reports).

"Ukraine accused of chemical warfare".

This is good work:  "Former NATO Commander General Wesley Clark’s Ties to Hunter Biden" (Bishop).

Another solid article by Unz on COVID:  "Vaxxing Risks for the Elderly".  Tragically, huge swaths of the American internet have now concluded that the vaxx is of no use, and even a death sentence, and that masks do no good. The anti-vaxxers have won.  This is certainly going to sway enough people that the already appalling - in comparison with the rest of the world (note the chart of excess deaths over 65 per 100,000, and compare Canada, 700, and the US, 2534) - American death stats are going to worsen.  Americans are completely oblivious to the fact that anti-vaxx is just another part of the 'don't tread on me' nuttiness, like the gun fetishists, and a peculiarity limited to the US and countries it influences (like Canada).  As with guns, you end up paying for your weird obsessions with your lives.  I note that the comments to the Unz article are almost completely infected with anti-vaxxers, who know what they know, statistics and actual experts be damned.  It is a shame.

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