Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Totally surreal

"Ukraine Russia War - Beyond the Propaganda w/ Col. Doug Macgregor" (Napolitano).

A thread:

"Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 43: Ask the Inspector" (U.S. Tour of Duty).

"Wagner Assault Units BREAKTHROUGH North of Bakhmut" (HistoryLegends).

"Bakhmut Front Analysis | Lyman Front Analysis | 07/02/23" (Weeb Union).

"Expert Opinion | Things You Need to Know About Germany's Policy on the Ukraine-Russia war" (Syriana Analysis interview with Ossenkopp).  Another LaRouchian.  Note how purely evil the German Green Party is.  Germany has been taken over by Devils.

"This Now Gets Totally Surreal... Larry And Helmholtz Smith On SMO." (Martyanov).

"NYT On Ukraine - Real Reporting, Propaganda For Balance, Ominous Warning" (Moon of Alabama).

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