Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Walking the tightrope over a cesspool

"UKRAINE WAR MAP | Bakhmut "not yet encircled" - Rybar | Bad Weather halts Vuhledar Offensive" (NWE War Reports). 

"Germany Declares War on Russia" (Sleboda).

"Drone strike. Containing Iran, containing Russia" (The Duran).

"Greece, no to Leopard tanks. Biden, yes to 150km weapon. Now they want nukes. U/1" (Christoforou).  

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 01.02.2023" (Military Summary).

"Bakhmut Front Update | In Depth Geographical Analysis 01/02/23" (Weeb Union).

"MSM Admits Bakhmut Encirclement Close; West Pulls Back on Jets; Lavrov Ridicules Blinken Offer" (Mercouris).

"Miseducated" (Martyanov).

"Peaceful Cambodia" (Dinh).

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